Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recent Purchases

So I really haven't bought anything exciting ladies to share with you besides Harry Potter movies, Despicable Me (So cute! Have you seen it yet?) and odds and ends for the wedding. Oh, I did score some great items from Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sale (stocking up for the honeymoon he he), but I couldn't find them online to share with you. Boohoo. Also, I'm not sure if that would qualify as TMI....

Anyways, thanks to one of my bloggy girlfriend Jen from The Look 4 Less, I got adorable shoes from Go Jane (see my review of Go Jane here)! She has done a post on Stuart Weizman's Alex Sandal (see TL4L post here) and found some look-alikes at Go Jane which I promptly headed over to and bought.

Here's the shoes side by side, Stuart Weitzman's on the left and the Go Jane on the right:

They're not clones, but are definitely close! I'm so happy with the purchase and can't wait for warmer weather to bust them out! They're very comfortable and have lining on the inside of the rope for extra comfort.

What have you bought lately? I'm so over winter, as soon as January 1 hits, I stop buying winter-related clothing all together and start searching for swim wear! Do you do the same? What have you been shopping for recently?
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