Monday, May 23, 2016

Our Weekend + Classic Dot Review!

This weekend was so busy! There was no lounging, relaxing, and definitely no sleeping in. Or coordinating naps. I had to work on Saturday (as did Matt), so my sister came up to watch the girls. We had a whole day planned for over a month for shopping, errand running, and party prep for Ellie's third birthday next week.

 photo 235FA57B-034D-4A7D-B8CD-28CD0B84D0FB_zpslq9aoxzq.jpg

Saturday was pretty hectic, I was home later than anticipated for work, it took longer to get out of the house, and we were home later than we wanted to be. Why does that seem to always happen? After dinner we got to work on some crafts and we got a ton done for Ellie's party. We watched Zootopia and How to be Single while we did the party favors and made tissue poms (only 6 left to fluff!). It was so nice spending time with her and it was really the only day to do anything for the party. I'm so lucky to have a sister and be so close to her, I wish we were able to see each other more often!

 photo FBC43077-1B78-40D5-A6A1-2D9423346220_zpsunc1tzwo.jpg photo F8D07CBD-151D-4267-AF05-0B82AA839895_zpsoxa5wtwv.jpg photo B35F38B3-785E-4A54-930B-52D7B5A062F3_zpsrcd3gpjd.jpg

Sunday we had a birthday party at a local park and it was so much fun! It's so great seeing my girlfriends and their kids, and the babies were all obsessed with each other. It was the cutest thing to watch! They'd all laugh at each other, try and feed one another, and play.  I had intended to do more errands after the party, but the girls were tired so we came home for a nap. I was hoping to get them to nap together (a miracle), but they each napped independently from each other and when one wasn't crying the other was. No errands or crafting for me!

 photo DE657D0C-D661-475F-A934-5A8232518116_zpsmjgerbus.jpg

While we were out, I dressed Emma in the cutest moccs from Classic Dot. We got so many compliments on them and I love having something soft on her feet. I used to think that all baby moccs were the same, but I'm obsessed with these spring silver ones! They're such high quality, and they totally stayed on her feet all day long! Emma loves to pull everything off her feet, but she kept these babies on all day. The shape of them seem to fit Emma's feet better than other baby shoes we have and the elastic around the ankle is a higher quality. The leather is a nice thickness and super soft, perfect for little feet!

 photo 63E9D32D-035A-4B3F-8ABE-FBD5046421DE_zpswlh8zfxj.jpg photo 246D6698-300E-49F0-AB10-9B076CF2D235_zpskncxuwr9.jpg

Classic Dot is offering all readers 20% off through May 31 using LOVE20 at check out! Be sure to get your little a pair, I'm loving the Bloom and Mint ones!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Little Poppy Co Bow Subscription Review

 photo 9C8B92B7-DBC5-448B-A897-C7BE19D6A296_zpspasoaxrj.jpg
April Bows

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bow mama. I like them small, medium, large, printed, solid, polka-dotted. I love them to match, clash, or coordinate. I first heard about Little Poppy Co through Katie (know her? I love her!) and I signed up immediately. It was the middle of the night, I was up nursing which means I was also reading and shopping and when I got back into bed I told Matt about it and how excited I was. He just replied "cool!" and rolled over. Men. They don't get the importance of a bow. I've never signed up for a subscription box before, but went for this one without hesitation.

 photo 41DCC240-8D06-4846-8AAC-D91F31C48439_zpskhesksnc.jpg
May Bows

Little Poppy Co sends out three bows each month for $11.99 (that's only $4 a bow, which is a steal!) and includes two solid felt bows and one specialty fabric bow. They're chosen for each month based on the colors and trends of the season. You sign up and it's shipped out a few days before the first of the month so you can enjoy them all month long. It's genius! Bows every month? What a perfect way to start a nice collection! You can choose from an elastic or clip, my first two months were elastic for Emma and I just switched to a clip for Ellie. Another great feature is that you can buy past months bows if you missed out! You can see all of the past months bows here.

 photo 3A3B5C70-5985-4FF5-808B-B1960A561CAC_zpsnrargvln.jpg photo A28FDFE1-DC66-4536-A558-AA921554A281_zpsucjmc6zc.jpg

Little Poppy Co is sweet enough to offer 30% off your first order using KRISTEN30 at check out. That makes your first order just over $8! There's no time contract, so try it out! It's a perfect and unique gift too. Enjoy your day!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Sleeptime Must-Haves

Throughout my entire pregnancy with Emma, I prayed and prayed that she would be a sleeper. Ellie was so hard at nights and rarely napped unless I was nursing/holding her or pushing her in a stroller and it took us months to find a routine that worked for her. It was one of my biggest fears about having a second child is that I would get another difficult sleeper. I just couldn’t imagine doing the zombie mom role while still having to take care of an infant and a toddler. I barely survived some weeks with just Ellie! How was I going to do it again if I had a bad sleeper?

Fortunately, Emma has been an angel from the start and is the sweetest baby ever. I totally lucked out with her, but being that this isn’t my first rodeo, I knew what we needed to do to help build and keep her routine and get her sleeping. Getting to know Emma and watching for her sleep cues were important to build a routine around her natural sleep tendencies. We wanted to instill a good sleep routine from the start and below I’ve listed what has worked best for us and my favorite tools that help us get there!

 photo 4D426498-253A-485C-978F-F80703894DF2_zpsw7ondd5q.jpg

Diaper and Jammies: A clean pair of pajamas and a fresh diaper are the first step in our routine. No matter how new the diaper may be, we always change Emma right before we put her down to avoid any leaks. We learned how important that was with Ellie and I swear, anytime I thought her diaper would be find since she had only been wearing it for a short time, she would always have a leak if I didn't change her!

Sound Machine: We used one with Ellie and have used one still with Emma. She doesn’t require one to go to sleep, but she does sleep more soundly and in longer stretches when we have it on. It creates a white noise effect that’s steady and keeps other noise out, you know, like a crazy toddler who insists on talking/crying/singing at the top of their lungs when the baby is sleeping. We even have a travel one that we used with Ellie that’s nice when we’re out and about. The one pictured is no longer available, we also use this one which has a nice projector.

Books/Quiet Play: After a busy day, the girls will need some winding down and our favorite way to settle in is with some books (BabyLit is a fave around here)! We’ll also sing songs that have hand motions like Itsy Bitsy Spider or Wheels on the Bus. We’ve also done stretching and massages as well. This part we switch out depending on our day and moods.

 photo AAEC5892-864A-4082-97E6-A94702F25671_zpsyzkwmz9q.jpg

Sleepsack: This is a must, must, must for us! Since Emma was first born we have swaddled her and I think it’s made a significant impact in keeping her a good sleeper. When it was time for sleep, we just swaddle her up and she nearly just goes limp and passes out immediately (even her new daycare teacher noticed!). Now that’s she getting bigger and can roll, crawl, and sit up we’ve been using the new HALO Sleep Sack that's 100% cotton muslin (available on Amazon). I love this sack and it’s perfect for warm nights to keep her covered and still comfortable. I love that it zips from the top down, making diaper changes a snap! We used their HALO Sleepsack Swaddle when Emma was younger and smaller and I'm glad to have a brand we can rely on as our babies grow.

Paci: Ellie had to have a paci to soothe herself to sleep, Emma does not, but does like to chew on the edges. Sometimes when she wakes up, she plays in her crib and I'll find her playing and chewing on a paci.

We keep our routines really simple so it's easy to do every day and can be done anywhere. It's important to us to do the same thing each night and even when Emma doesn't seem tired when I turn on her sound machine she rubs her eyes and when she gets her swaddle on, she's out! Follow HALO on Instagram for sleep tips and new products!

Thank you HALO for today's post! All opinions and experiences are of my own, a sleep sack was provided to me for an honest review.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vegas: What I'm Packing

This weekend marks our 5th wedding anniversary and to celebrate, Matt and I are headed to Vegas! I'm so excited to get away and some time to ourselves. We rarely get any time for ourselves and when we do, it's always with an agenda. We have no plans and no schedule for the weekend and I can't wait! All we have on our to-do list is eat, sleep, and lounge by the pool. It's supposed to be cooler temps with possible rain so I'm not sure if we'll get too much time at the pool, but I'll be ready!

For the last week, I've been planning my outfits and what to pack and I finally had a chance to lay everything out to see how it would look together and make sure I don't forget anything. It's not a new concept by any means, but I like to lay everything out and see how I can make the most of what I want to pack. Can I mix and match them? Is there something I can leave home to keep a lighter bag? I always pack a few extra outfits or pieces like jeans or a cardigan and there's still one outfit I need to try on to see how they look together in real life, but I think I'm all set otherwise!

 photo 4DCBC430-942B-427F-B1AD-DD300138947F_zpsqsb3zjhx.jpg
Sweater (old, similar here) // Soft Shorts // Sandals (love these too!) // Purse // Necklace

I've tried these shorts on so many times at Target and I've always loved them because they're so soft, but just never bought them. They're on sale for $15 and I thought they'd be perfect for walking the strip or driving home. My SIL gifted me this gorgeous blue handbag from my Spring Wishlist for my birthday and I can't wait to use it this weekend! There's a ton of pockets and the color is perfection!

 photo B416F53D-AB74-4780-8C8D-E9A01569F9BF_zpsur3gqehu.jpg
Tank // Shorts (Old Navy last year, similar here) // Purse // Necklace

I'll probably wear this outfit on the way there. This peplum tank has been on repeat a lot lately (I have it in white too), it's so easy to just throw on and head out the door. I bought these shorts last year when I was pregnant and they're so comfortable. They have pockets too! I wish I bought every pair last year, luckily a lot of shops have similar styles in this year so I can add some more to my closet.

 photo C6FABF2E-E393-4E44-BF34-9CE04884414B_zpso8td7hwu.jpg
Hat (Old, similar here) // Cover up // Suit (Victoria Secret- in store only, similar here)

 photo 2106F996-B814-4513-A8BB-296E24B3AE8A_zpslwyjd857.jpg
Sunnies // Kimono (Forever 21 last year, similar here) // Top // Bottom

I'm really hoping and praying that there's good weather this weekend, because all I want to do is lounge around the pool and the hotel's lazy river. What's a vacation without a pool day?

 photo 2F0853A4-6812-4E76-A0B5-8CA096F87B06_zpswts5ip25.jpg
Pants // Top (similar here) // Necklace

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen this outfit- I wore it on Sunday to celebrate my birthday with a family BBQ. I'm obsessed with these pants and necklace! Palazzo pants are so cozy and soft to wear and they're great in the summer since they're so lightweight. The necklace is amazing, I won it from Brittany's IG giveaway and I love it! It pairs so perfect with the pants and my blue crossbody above, I always get so many compliments on it! It's a great statement piece for sure.

 photo 83CD096A-6BD1-4844-8F62-21F46A799C69_zpsztngtcgb.jpg
Top // Shorts // Sandals (love these too!) // Lipstick (Coral Crush)

I'm still loving this outfit! It's definitely a go-to for me. I plan on wearing this for walking the strip and shopping during the day. I picked up this fun bright coral and haven't really had the chance to wear it, but I hope to bust it out this weekend.

 photo 2D2C36BD-AB24-4836-8A37-C0F85E2BA754_zpsusqgz4xb.jpg
Top (similar here) // Jeans // Purse // Lipstick (Long Legged & Fabulous) // Shoes

I've been saving this look for a date night (see it on in this post) and we plan on doing a nice dinner one night and this is what I'm gonna wear. I LOVE the lace detailing on this top and flutter sleeves. It's so feminine and chic. I ordered a dress too last week and if it arrives in time, I'm going to pack that too as an alternative or second nice meal outfit.

Only three more sleeps until our trip! Can you tell I'm excited? I haven't been to Vegas in so long and I used to go all the time to party back in college. It's definitely going to be a different trip this time and I've never gone just Matt and I. I'm really looking forward for us to reconnect and get some adult time and recharge together.

What are your favorite Vegas shows and restaurants? He wanted to surprise me with Britney tickets, but she just had her last show last weekend! We want to check out a show while we're there, what do you suggest?