Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Parenting Rites of Passage

There are moments in life that make you step back and think, I just went through a rite of passage. Growing up, it's things like getting a phone in your room, getting to stay up an hour later, then getting a license, having your first heartbreak, an acceptance letter to college and so on.

As a parent, these rites of passage still continue. There's several of them and they keep going forever into grandparenthood. Here are some of the few that I've experienced so far, including the one that happened this weekend.

 photo IMG_0706_zps2df07450.jpg

1. Having a baby
Doesn't matter how you brought this baby into the world, whether it's from hours and hours of pushing, having them cut from your abdomen via a c-section, or from traveling and filling out endless paperwork to make them yours. The point is that they're yours. You fought for them, you prayed for them, you went into this thing filled with fear, excitement, and most of all love.

2. The first all-nighter
Some people get babies who sleep through the night (I've only known this joy for the last 5 months) and others get babies who are up every few hours, or your baby is sick, or whatever the reason. The first few times you're up all night long feeding them, rocking them, singing lullabies, etc. I remember the nights when I wanted to cry (and often I did) where I would think to myself that these are the nights I'll remember and how much I would want them back when they were gone and how I would miss how little she was at that moment in time.

 photo 2_zps11c98263.jpg
3. The blowout
It's disgusting and smelly and you don't know where to start with clean up. Or how to take off their onesies or if you should just cut it off and toss it away. Just so you know, you take it off from the top down, thank you Pinterest, although it was too late when I learned this. When this blow out happens, and it's all up their back, and dripping, and smelly, you've just gone through a rite of passage. Welcome.

4. Their first...
There are lots of firsts for children- their first crawl, step, word, kiss, etc They're all amazing experiences. They fill you with joy, tears, pride and it's so fulfilling and gives you a little pat on the back that something you're doing is right. All of the teaching, helping, love, and support you showered on them is working! Woohoo!

5. The sickness
Ellie has had very few illnesses (thanks heavens); a little cold, HFM with only three spots, and a few fevers (mostly from teething), but this weekend was the first real sickness. It was disgusting, smelly, and I don't want to get too much TMI, but Matt and I were up in the middle of the night cleaning her up and her bed. Once we got her back to sleep between us (so her room could air out) we looked at each other and high fived. Dead serious. It was a total rite of passage, I knew it would be coming one day and this weekend was it. We nursed her back to health and took it on together as a team.

 photo ellie_039_zps54bc33c5.jpg

Being a parent is sometimes an uphill battle, but it's so much fun. All of the hard times and the happy times make for such memories and good stories to retell later. I've loved every moment of this journey and the rites of passage I've experienced. I love the support that motherhood brings to us, that we're all in it together, although some women judge instead of love, but tut-tut to them because they're missing out! It's a job you can't call in sick to, you come out bruised and your heart bursts over and over for a number of different reasons, but it has to be the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. 

What are some of your most memorable rites of parental passage? What was hardest or easiest for you?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

White Plum's HUGE Giveaway!

White Plum is one of my favorite online boutiques with lovely pieces that add so much to your wardrobe and closet. They're simply a must shop for me! I've collaborated with them several times before, which has only deepened my love for them.

 photo WPFreeWardobeGiveaway_zps951f1c05.jpg

This week they're offering a chance to win a year's worth of clothing to one winner, that's a $1200 value!! Whaaat? Crazy right?

The contest runs from February 11th thru the 22nd and it's so easy to enter, just join their mailing list with your email address when you click HERE!

I hope one of you wins! It would be so exciting!! Good luck! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Savannah Bee Company Review

 photo 3C4D20ED-6195-44A8-9118-0A06A705775D_zpsrgypbhkx.jpg photo 0229E7BE-C211-4724-B840-FF2AB39EE7EE_zpskp2gakbb.jpg photo 463AE07D-AADF-4CF7-97E9-D7199379F41C_zpsoc9nhwzf.jpg

My husband and father in law are huge honey fans. They’re always talking about different honeys, we’ve visited honey stores and taste-tested all the flavors, on camping trips we buy honey sticks, and at street fairs and such we always come home with a jar of local honey. When I was contacted by Savannah Bee Co. to review their product, I had to jump at the chance! It would make a great and special gift, especially for Valentine’s day.
 photo 75C3E6AD-E382-4041-8DCE-3B3762137E0E_zpsyg7xlyyr.jpg photo ACA7D9B5-3B41-4EF0-8AAC-EB4F55BB5F06_zps6gwoix42.jpg photo F6DEEEEC-736A-4193-B0B7-3BB53F453372_zps8vjkbu4m.jpg

For my review, I chose The Honey Caramel Delight Valentine’s Day Gift Set. The set came in a fun box with bee facts on each side, and included their Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey, Winter White Honey, Adam Turoni’s Honey Caramel Sauce, and Adam Turoni’s Sourwood Caramen Chocolate. The honey came in adorable glass jars (that I’m keeping on display in our kitchen), and the chocolates were wrapped in a cute wrapper in a clear case. Obviously, my husband and I scarfed those down first thing- they were absolutely delicious!
 photo F3A65946-9478-4845-AF66-2B24D10FD386_zpseics9hqr.jpg

The weekend the honey was delivered we had a BBQ with the family and it was the perfect opportunity to do a test taste! We passed out toothpicks and everyone had a taste. It was fun to try different honeys and see which they preferred. The Adam Turoni’s Honey Caramel Sauce was a big hit and is delicious drizzled over apple slices.

We've been enjoying the honey all week for breakfast over toast and fruit, lunch with peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and enjoying spoonfuls here and there for something sweet. I would definitely recommend them for any  honey lover in your life, the honey is delicious!

Thank you Savannah Bee Company for the opportunity to review your products, our family is loving the sweetness!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Carters Presidents Sale Picks

Carter’s is having a great sale of 50% off with an additional 25% off a $50+ purchase using BIGSALE and 15% off your purchase using SAVENOW at check out. This is my favorite sale they do and I always try to stock up for the season for Ellie. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Carters- their sizing always fits, their clothes wash well, and last through all of the playing and washing. Since they’re sale is going on right now, I wanted to share some of my favorite picks for your little guy or gal with you guys!

 photo BoysCartersBlend_zps3806f618.jpg
For the gentlemen:
 photo GirlsCarterBlend_zps0b904523.jpg
For the ladies:

For summer clothes, I'm already buying 3T for Ellie and I want to cry. How is she growing so fast? Carters has so many cute sets and rompers for 24 months, and that won't fit her anymore. When did my little baby become a dancing, silly toddler?

Are you going to take advantage of the sale? What are some of your picks? 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Pic Dump

Whenever I upgrade my phone, I'm upgrading the amount of GB as well. I hate deleting 15 pics to take one or deleting apps, etc. I often go through phases where I take a gazillion pics or go days without snapping anything. I do have a rule not to post on social media more than 2 times a day (unless it's a holiday, then I allow myself extra) because sometimes it's just freaking annoying. Especially when all the pics posted are variations of the same thing. There are a few accounts I do enjoy that post often and keep it interesting, but sometimes I wish there was a filter. The point to my IG posting rules is that not all my pictures make it to the internets. If it's not on the interwebs, then it didn't happen right? Well guess what, everything below now officially happened. Enjoy.

 photo 14c01c38-5c08-48b7-9778-9210903568e4_zps6d591668.jpg

SH Polish in Bare It All (a great nude) // $5 Sunnies (best ever)// Revlon Gloss in Pink Ruby

 photo 4874751B-66C3-4786-9F7E-3C2BD0EED9F8_zpstwnanzvw.jpg
Ellie sometimes insists on pushing the cart, but she's not big enough yet so she settles for this. It cracked me up the entire time.

 photo 00A7C0F5-FA9C-483D-87EB-7B4AC5170333_zps6b3mjzae.jpg
Best burgers in town! Gotta get extra fry sauce (I wish they had it in a pump) and jalapenos

 photo 790D44D5-6DD3-4ED3-AC5E-93FE9CBC871A_zpstttszaub.jpg
We've been working earnestly on our Valentines for family and friends. Ellie's motto is more stickers, always more stickers.

 photo 078F64FB-924D-4756-B6A2-575F093E027B_zps3gfqulxf.jpg
Coat is Carters (old) // Bow from Forever 21 (old) 
We took Ellie to a local high school basketball game to watch her partner in crime (her cousin) perform at halftime. She had so much fun and watching 4 year olds dance is awesome.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Toast to Fridays!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Skincare Routine + Image Skincare Reviews

 photo 48D3EC1A-5D13-4765-BF0C-CD890BF14988_zps2xw7wxuz.jpg

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you already know that I sing the praises of Image Skincare products. I’m not kidding when I say that they’ve been life changing for me. Their Cell.U.Lift helped me get rid of stretch marks (check out that review with before and after pictures here), Ormedic Balancing Cleanser made my skin glow, and their tinted moisturizer is hands down the bee’s knees.

 photo b6a43490-f214-4746-a21d-2eb6a22f8fb4_zpsdb9aacd2.png 
Here I am with Ellie wearing just their tinted moisturizer
(my brows are filled in)
For the last few months, I’ve been using several new products of theirs (along with my old favorites!) and I am so impressed at the change in my skin. Full disclosure, I’ve always had good skin, I can count how many break outs I’ve had, my skin tone is fairly even with some rosy cheeks, but after I gave birth and finished nursing, my skin just look blech. It didn’t glow anymore, my diet and routine hadn’t changed (besides being a milk cow), but my skin just didn’t look as good anymore. Around Halloween, I started using their products in combination and I felt almost an instant change in my skin. I’ve completely stopped wearing foundation altogether, I wear my MAC Studio Fix just in my t-zone now, and have more and more days without makeup altogether (on the weekends/days off).

 photo 517VAbiQQL_SY355__zps95c7ad40.jpg photo 3A21B8F6-E3D2-4A8C-80E9-2905C6EB1E8D_zpsgbckq7in.jpg
Every day I wash my face with their cleanser using an electronic facial brush. I love the smell and it makes my skin so soft. It's acid, sulfate, and paraben free and helps protect skin from environmental pollutants.

 photo intense_lightening_serum_grande_zps5ca35b19.png photo 22A96CB6-3335-4725-8030-4BE328BA1258_zpsbgeu7xfr.jpg
After my shower at night and first thing in the morning, I massage a few drops of this serum all over my face and into my neck. It’s oil-free and very lightweight, soaking into my skin quickly. The serum help skin discolorations and redness (which I tend to have a lot of in my cheeks) to help achieve a fresh-looking complexion.

 photo AgelessTotalEyeLiftCreme_zpsa1fa7c2c.jpg photo 738C975A-86D7-47F4-8E84-E694A4FD52C8_zps3bypkx52.jpg

Every night after my shower, I use this eye crème after the serum. It’s formula is a high concentrated blend of retinol (every woman’s favorite) and polypeptides to repair skin. I love the density of this crème, I’ve tried other under eye crèmes, but always felt that they were too thick or too thin and didn’t feel that they really worked. This has helped me looked refreshed in the mornings, even when I’ve been up with a fussy toddler all night.

 photo intense_brightening_creme_grande_zps5c3c6b2c.png photo 9C089D54-C0CE-4E24-8A42-D1520AF2EA4E_zpsypp4slcl.jpg

Each night before bed, I use the crème all over my face and neck. It’s their new brightening crème that’s focused on fading age spots and hyperpigmentation. It helps to even out skin discolorations and helps create a radiant complexion.

 photo prevention_plus_daily_tinited_moisterizer_grande-600x600_zpsd3404dc5.jpg photo 432961D2-E777-4F85-A730-39F820495E0F_zpsmdb8uspn.jpg
This is my must-have item, I use it daily as it’s a mattifying moisturizer. It’s perfectly tinted, gives great even coverage without being heavy or too thin. It soaks in quickly and I layer my makeup over it without issue. It has a built in broad spectrum UVA/UVB high sun protection and gives a great oil-free complexion to start my day. I often use this alone with powder and nothing else.
 photo balancing-lip-complex_1_zps3c72b4c9.jpg photo 42C1DF19-4755-472B-A6A8-0692497B56F7_zpssr75fboh.jpg
This has been a saving grace for me several times this winter. My skin easily gets very dry, my lips especially. I’m know to bite and peel my lips (such a bad habit) and this has come to my rescue more times than I can count. Even when they’ve been to the point of cracked and bleeding. The formula is so moisturizing and feels so nice on my lips, plus it has an added benefit of a gorgeous shine. It’s specifically designed to enhance the appearance and volume of your lips and with repeated use will add up to 40% moisture volume to your lips.

With all of their products, it’s a deeply, loving relationship I have for them. They really have helped me feel my best and get my skin to where I want it to be. I recommend them all the time to friends and family when asked for certain products for their skin problems. All of the products mentioned here are parabin free and are mostly for all skin types. When my skin was in the dumps, I could see results almost immediately. I can’t imagine the state my skin would be in without these gems.

FTC: All products were provided to me, all opinions are my own.