Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Got It From My Momma

My Grandmother came in town a while ago and brought pictures for the family that she thought they may want to keep. It was so great to reminisce on old times and seeing my mom and her siblings as children. It was also fun to see some pictures of my sister and I with our cousins and see how much we still look the same! Thought I was going to say "how much we've changed" huh?? Nope, we all look the exact same, but with the bridge of our noses grown in. Ha ha ha.

While looking at the pictures, I couldn't help but notice how hot my mom was! Seriously, she was a fox! Plus, she was also a little fashionista. Everything she was wearing in the pictures I would just die to wear now AND my Grandma made most of the items!

Anyways, the point I want to get to is when my Mother was young, her and my sister look identical. You seriously can't tell them apart except for the age of the picture itelf. However, when my Mom was in her 20s, her and I look the same and my sister doesn't resemble her as much! Check it out-

We have the same nose, cheeks, smile and chin. Plus, we also part our hair on the same side which helps with resembling each other. I never really thought I looked so similar to my mom since I was teased for being adopted growing up (mostly based on our skin color than actual resemblence from ignorant 5 year olds) and my sister was always told how much she looks like her and I was always told I look like my grandmothers.

It made me happy to realize how much my Mother and I look alike. It really meant a lot to me and made my heart feel all warm and cuddly inside. It was cool to know I resembled both sides of my family (my skin tone, hair color, and height all come from my Dad's side).

Isn't it weird how some families, all the children look identical to each other and in some families each child is completely different from the next? Some of my friends, I'd be able to tell who their mother and grandmother were easily in a large crowd because they each look so similar to one another.

Do you look like your family? Who in your family do you look like? Do your siblings and you look alike? Or are you the odd one out?
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