Monday, October 10, 2011


I wish I had better pics for you guys, but I'm the only one awake when I leave for work in the morning so all you get for now is some super high quality cell phone pics. Hopefully, I can work something out soon and get some better pics soon. I've posted a few of these pics on Twitter (follow me at KristenLLP), but wanted to share them with everyone.

Lauren Conrad for Kohls Blazer
Nordstrom Tank
AE Shorts
Outfit inspired by Everything According to Erin
(worn for a night out, not to work)

Mossimo Black Crew Neck Sweater (last year)
Plaid Tunic I've had forever
Mossimo Skinny Slacks

Inspired by Pinterest
F21 Striped Top
Go Jane Pink Skirt

FYI NYC's Manhattan is a total dupe for Essie's Carry On. I love this color (and Essie's) and have been wearing it for days now. Plus, it's $2!!!

The weather has been so nice here in CA, but the end of last week got pretty chilly. As much as I love my shorts and sandals, I'm kind of excited for scarves and boots. Ohmyword. I just said (typed) that. Goodness gracious. 
What are you guys wearing for this season transition? Do you dress according to the season or the weather?

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