Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Vlog! How I Curl My Hair

I think the top two things I get asked the most is how I curl my hair and how I do my smoky eyes (see that vlog here). I did a step-by-step before with pictures here, but seeing it live is so much better. It's so easy and I can seriously do it blind because I curl my hair every.single.day. and have used the same technique since junior high. Veronika just posted a video as well on how to curl her hair, and she has really long pretty hair so be sure to check it out as well!

Goodness, can't the pause the video at a better angle for me???? Hell.Wow, didn't realize it was 20 minutes long! I swear it doesn't take me that long, I think it's just because I'm talking at the same time.

Things to note, I said these in the video, but in case you miss them:

-I switch off on different sized curling irons depending on how I feel. I either use a smaller 1 inch or a 1 1/4 inch size. Long hair looks great with a mix of both sizes.

-Your hair "sets" by how it cools and not just how it heats up, so if your hair doesn't hold a curl well, consider pinning each curl to set. You can also do that for a big night out when you want to look extra special.

-When I wear extensions, I find it easiest to curl the extensions before clipping them in (I clip them in as I go) and then combing out both the extensions and my own hair together with my fingers. That helps the extensions to blend in better and all the curls to have a similar look.

-Always curl away from your face! It's the most flattering for all face shapes. You can also do a mix of forward and backward curls throughout the rest of your hair (this is best for thicker hair), but your front curls should always be curled back!

-For looser beachy waves, leave the last 1-2 inches out and start curling a little bit away from your roots focusing more on the middle section of your strands.

Here's pictures of my hair with different sizes irons and lengths:

This is with all of my own hair, using a 1 1/4 in iron, curling all the way to the ends.

Here I am with my extensions, using a 1 inch iron, curling all the way to the ends.

Here with my extensions, using a 1 1/4 iron, curling to the ends.

Here with all my own hair, using a 1 1/4 iron, leaving the ends out.

Here with my extensions, usinging a 1 1/4 iron, leaving the ends out.

Wow. Looking back on some of these pictures, I really miss my longer hair :( Just a few weeks months and it will be back.

Oh, and I've been emailed a lot about my extensions, so here's the deal: I used to buy the hair, cut and sew them myself, but now I just buy them with the clips in place. It's a little bit more expensive, but worth the cost and the no work! I buy my hair only if it's human hair and from a store called Bobo's Beauty Supply (similar to a Sally's). I don't buy any particular brand, just as long as it matches my natural color I snatch it right up!

When you're trying on the hair, I find it best to bring someone with a critical eye (I bring my mom) and to see if you can compare the extensions to your real hair in the sunlight. It really makes a difference, I've wasted $$ before on a mismatch and wasn't able to exchange or return it.

I hope this video helps you ladies and if you have any questions, feel free to email or comment me and I'll be sure to answer!
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