Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: Essie Nail Polish- Snow Princess Cube

You may recall that I bought the Essie Snow Princess cube recently (see the post here) and thought it might have some perfect shades for my upcoming wedding. I also love pink nude colors, so this was two birds one stone. The cube contains one mini each of Blanc, Ballet Slippers, Guchi Muchi Puchi and Pink Glove Service. Each polish shown is with two coats and one clear top coat and shown first with a flash and then without.

Here is the first polish I tried, Pink Glove Service:

The color is pretty, but very sheer. It's basically just clear with a slight hint of pink. It's not what I was expecing from what the color looked like in the bottle. To be honest, I'm glad I got the color as part of a package and didn't pay $7+ for it in full size. It is a great color is you want something very sheer, but I prefer a more opaque color.

Here is the second color I tried was Ballet Slippers:

I love this color! It's a great soft pink color, very light but not pastel. My only con was that after a few days it looked grungy, but if the color is for a specific day/event then it's perfect! Still, I'm not sure if it's my "wedding day color", but it's definitely in the running! This was my favorite shade of the pack and worth buying in full size.

Here is the third color, Blanc:

The color is super white, like bright white you can almost see in the dark. It didn't streak too bad which I was surprised about since white tends to streak a lot. It also didn't yellow which is a huge pro! This is a perfect polish for french tip, but since it wasn't too streaky it's even better for an all over white which has become a trend.

Here's the final shade, Guchi Muchi Puchi first with a flash and then without:

This color is such a pretty pale pink. It's pink hue is much more vivid than with Ballet Slipeprs, very spring and Easter-ish. This color is the most streaky, which tends to happen with light shades, but wasn't horrible. It did look a bit grungy after a few days though, which again is typical of light shades. I don't think this is a "wedding" color either since it's hue is so bright, but it is pretty overall and I can't wait to rock it in a few months when it heats up.

Overall,  I think my favorite brand ever of nail polish is still Sally Hansen (that Sally just knows what she's doing), but it was a good experience with Essie. They're a great brand and the colors lasted a long time without chipping and they dried quickly. The only shade that met my "wedding" dream color was Ballet Slippers, but I'm still happy with the purchase overall and I think I'll check out more of the cubes in the future.

Have you tried any of these shades? Any suggestions for colors to try, wedding related or not? Do you like the Essie brand?
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