Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Tried It/ Product Review: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

So this post is BOTH a I Tried It and a Product Review, which I think will sometimes happen depending on what look I'm trying to do and what not. Glamour had a post about Black-andWhite Striped nails and I loved the look! The ones from the post are Minx Nails, but I thought I could copy the effect with a nail art pen. It was a fun and bold look, and garnered plenty of compliments and questions. Definitely a fun look to copy! I submitted the picture above to Glamour and was featured on their The Girls of the Beauty Dept section here. So exciting, I love their magazine and their website! Thanks Glamour for featuring me!

Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Pen Black

I bought the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black and thought it would be great to do stripes, polka-dots and hearts on my nails. It comes in 8 colors and is SO easy to use. You pump the pen a few times on a surface you don't care about getting the paint on and then the color flows just like a pen. It's really easy to handle and the color comes out great! The first time I used it (above picture) I did stripes, but they came out a bit runny when you look up close. I think it was just because it was my first time using the product and not a reflection of the pen itself. You need to top it off with a clear coat over your design and ta-da! Artsy fartsy nails.

I snagged this pen from a great sale at Rite Aid for buy one Sally Hansen product, get one free. I've been wanting this pen forever, but couldn't bring myself to pay $7 for it. I'm a cheapie when it comes to nail stuff sometimes, so sue me. However, seeing how easy it is to use, the great quality of the Sally Hansen brand I think it's a great price and worth the purchase.

What do you think of the striped nails? Would you be interested in seeing more of my nail art using this pen? Have you used art pens before? What brand did you use, did you like it?
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