Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick Review of LLP

Hello lovely readers! I'm looking to make some possible changes to Love Lipstick and Pearls (LLP) and would love some feedback from you!! I'd love to see LLP grow in terms of content, but want to see what type of posts you like best.

Please vote on your favorite posts below and let me know anything extra in a comment. Also, I'm thinking of mixing up some of the posts and I've tested some of these out already, check out Beauty Inspiration, I Tried It and Recent Purchases and would like to see what my lovely readers think of them and my usual posts. Based on what this polls shows, I'll know where to focus my posts and how to give what you guys enjoy back to you.

As always, any suggestions are always welcome!! Please feel free to vote as many times as you like since you can only vote for one item at a time.

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