Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Post: Bouquets

I'm not a HUGE flower girl. Yes, they're pretty, but I've just never been big on them. Planning my wedding further, I've come to really appreciate the beauty and romance of them. My flower vendor asked me to take a look at bouquets I like and at first I had a lot of fun...but after a few 100 or so they all look the same to me. I had to take a break, upload the ones I had saved, and now lovelies, I'm asking for your help. What bouquet do you like best?

Bright and Bold: These are the perfect bouquets to add some spice to your wedding! There's so many gorgeous flowers out there, it's a great way to show off your wedding colors or to add color to the wedding.

Romantic: For intimate and whimsy weddings, these are a perfect way to accent the feeling of your wedding. It's also a way to add some subtle color.

Somewhere in the Middle: Whether your flowers are loud or soft, some brides prefer a mix of both bright and soft as well as a mix of flowers.

Non-Traditional: Some brides choose a different route completely choosing something other than a floral bouquet to carry down the aisle. Here is a way to be really creative and take your theme into play.

Here's what I've learned (so far) about bouquets:

- Take note of what shape and size you want your bouquet to be- perfectly round or wild? Large and in charge or small and dainty?
- How would you like the bouquets band at the bottom? Want the green to show? You can accent it with lace, twine, a picture, brooch, etc. Be creative!
- Do you want to keep your original bouquet and toss a different one? Then you will need two
- Keep your centerpieces and other floral arrangements in mind- you don't want the bouquets and centerpieces to clash
- Make sure to communicate your vision, likes and dislikes with your florist
- Know what flowers are in bloom during your wedding, this may help you to save money on them. There's so many flowers in the world, even if your specific flower is out of your price range there are other flowers similar that can be used as a substitute
- Don't be afraid of expensive flowers though, even if some are pricier they can be bigger and take up more space and have a greater overall effect
- Don't be afraid of colors not in your wedding palette, your bouquet is a great place to use colors that compliment your color scheme and flatter your photos

So lovelies, what are your favorite types of bouquets? I really love traditional bouquets, not the non-traditional ones at the bottom although some of them are pretty- they're just not "me". My favorite from this post is the romantic ones, I think they'll compliment my dress and our overall look really well.
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