Thursday, April 28, 2011

Veils, I have a problem

I have a bridal confession. I'm obsessed with over the top veils. Everytime I see pictures with a long veil I swoon. I'm just taken into a coma of lust and beauty. I think that wearing a veil for my bachelorette trip really did me in though, it was so fun to wear. I wish I had more reasons and occasions than my wedding to wear a veil. Honestly, it's awesome.

Here are some of my favorites:

What do you think? Do you love long veils like I do?  Did you wear a veil for your wedding or will you wear one? When I first when dress shopping, I didn't plan on wearing a veil at all, but I got sucked in! They're so pretty, comes in tons of different lengths, how could you not fall for them??

For my wedding, my bestie/old roomie/sorority sister/and bridesmaid A is being so generous and allowing me to borrow her beautiful veil. It's stunning and I'm so happy to share something with her that's will be so personal for us both. It matches and compliments my dress perfectly and I really lucked out that her was such a great match. PS I'll be wearing that veil next freaking week!
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