Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Sister Tried It: Feather Hair Extensions

**Holy freaking cow. Photobucket has been down for over a day now and I can finally post**

My sister is pretty hip. No, seriously. She's even kind of a hippie and I love it. She recently got spring's new trend of feather hair extensions and I'm totally jealous! (You may remember Pretty Little Liar's feather earring post here) This wedding is putting a damper on some of my beauty ideas, but alas I can live vicariously through my Sister K.

Here's some pics of her awesome feather weave and below a short interview:

This is us at my bachelorette party, you can see the colored feathers just barely on her left side.
They blend in really well.

Close- ups via cell phone

Where did you get it done at?
Hair Play in San Diego, CA by Tara Julian

What was the cost?
$25 per bundle (5 feathers)

How long does it last?
Up to 3 months

What colors were available?
At this time, only rooster feathers were available (white, yellow, orange, brown) but typically a variety of colors are available.

What did you get?
One bundle of rooster feathers (white, yellow, orange and brown) towards the top of my head. You can get more done at different places to frame your face and stand out more.

Is it difficult to maintain?
Not at all. You have to be careful brushing your hair. It isn't as high-maintenance as I thought it would be.

Would you do it again?

What are the pros/cons?
The colors don't match every outfit

A fun new way to mix up your hair style
You can wash/curl/blowdry/straighten it like regular hair
They're real feathers and not synthetic
The variety of colors to chose from so you can be bolder or have it blend in more
Easy to hide where it's attached

Any advice?
Call the salon in advance about what colors are available, what comes in a bundle or if they're individual, if you can choose what colors come in a bundle, and the cost since it varies.

Thanks sis! What do you ladies think? Is this trending in your area? The sis says it's everywhere in SD. Have you tried this yet?
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