Friday, April 8, 2011

Hot or Not: Man Hair

Two things have been plagueing me recently and I wanted your ladies opinions on them.

1. What do you think of pretty Zac Efron's facial hair?

2. What about Tom Brady's ponytail?

Both guys are getting hated on left and right. Even LA's local station KROQ did some major hating on cute Tom. I for one love them both.

As for facial hair, men don't seem to get as many fashion or beauty choices as women so I say "why not?!". I mean they can shave or trim it off so easily, it's not like when woman get bangs and have to grow them out for months.

For long hair, I love it too....if the guys can pull it off. I'm not kidding. I dig a dude with some locks. My only guidelines are that their hair can't be a) prettier than mine or b) longer than mine.

What's your take?? Do you like facial hair or long hair in general? Maybe just particular guys?
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