Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Post: My Make-up

For my big wedding look, I've been going back and forth between super glam and a natural look for my big day. I want to look like myself, but the best of myself. I'm pretty natural with my make-up on an everyday basis, but when I go out, I do my make-up to the max, full on style. Here are some looks I love and wanted to use as examples with my make-up artist. I want make-up that compliments my overall look and isn't competing with my hair or jewelry. I want it to enhance my features, be photo-worthy and reflect my style.

The "Natural" Looks
I love the soft smoky eyes here, soft pink/nude lips, and glowy cheeks -a little less "glow" than Hayden's though. This look reminds me of that hot "girl next door" vibe and I think it will be great with our wedding (a classy, backyard event). With the help of some major faux lashes, I'll be made-up emough to be stand out. Also, this is a great look that will still be beautiful in 10, 15, 50 years from now.

The "Glam" Files

Darker smoky eyes, va-va-voom lashes, darkened eyebrows, pink cheeks and lips.
This is what I'm leaning more towards, I feel like this is more "me". I'm wearing my hair down (see this post from last week) and wearing pageant-worthy jewelry and I don't want my make-up to take a backseat.

What do you ladies like best? Should I do a combo, a little bit of this and that? Which is your favorite look? Which picture(s) should I bring in as examples?
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