Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Say It Isn't So!


Disney has approached Tim Burton to do a live action remake of Sleeping Beauty!! Can you believe it?? Aurora has always been my favorite Disney princess and favorite classic love story.

That being said...I don't know how I feel about it being remade....especially by Tim Burton. Can't Disney just leave perfection alone? I just hope Tim Burton sticks to the story and doesn't go off on a tangent with it.
Angelina Jolie is said to be up for the role of Maleficent and I haven't heard of any of casting rumors.
Have you heard anything about it? Who would your dream cast be?
Here's my list for possible actors (which was really hard to think of BTW):
Aurora- Blake Lively, Claire Danes, Dakota Fanning, Amanda Seyfried, Evan Rachel Wood
Prince Phillip- Zak Efron, Alexnder Skarsgard, Eric Bana, Emile Hirsch
The Fairy Godmothers; Flora, Fauna & Merryweather- Helen Mirren, Glenn Close, Julie Andrews, Rosie O'Donnell 
Queen- Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon,
King Stefan-Liam Neeson, Daniel Day Lewis
Maleficent- Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman 

Celeb Inspiration: America Ferrera

America Ferrera is breathtaking. Her curves, lush lashes, and great smile make her seem like the girl next door. She definitely has a beauty routine that she rarely strays from- mega lashes, natural face, red lips, and a half up hairdo. She always wears clothes that are flattering and sexy, nothing like her Ugly Betty character. She is a great example of dressing for your shape. I also love her because she's a great role model, choosing roles where her character has to grow, you never see her stumbling out from a club at 4AM, and I feel that in interviews she's not afraid to be who she really is. Also, I can't wait to see her new film Our Family Wedding it looks hilarious!










I had to throw this one in because it's just hilarious!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Sizzlin Summer Looks

Want to know the best place to be inspired for summer looks? The PYTs of Hollywood!! Spring & Summer are my absolute favorite seasons and I can't wait to bust out summer wardrobe.

The Kids' Choice Awards was filled with beauties and some gorgeous dresses:

Selena Gomez got the side braid memo! I loved this yellow on her too. Selena always looks fresh, young, and age-appropriate, which I adore.

Victoria Justice (who is that? Ya, good question) shows us a great way to dress with the season change- bright frock and dark shoes. The green color is so bright and gorgeous with her skin and hair. Plus, I'm really jealous of her lush locks.

Notice any trends? Bright shoes and spotted dresses! Wouldn't these make the cutest Easter outfits? They just scream spring to me!

Oh how I love Lea Michele! She looks so pretty in pink, I'm just in awe of her gorgeous (& subtle) make-up, the lush eyelashes, warm glow, and rosy cheeks.. sigh so pretty! Her dress is also super gorgeous with it's short hemline and fun sleeves to even out the legginess of the dress.
Which is your favorite look? Did you watch the award show?

Get It Riri!


So, Rihanna has been in a little bit of a fashion slump recently....see here and here. I figure she's just going through a fashion change and those can definitely get awkward sometimes. Well, with the Kids' Choice Awards this weekend and spring all up in the air, Riri looked HOT!! I loved her dress (she added the shoulder pads to the original dress), her make-up and hair looked so fresh! I really love her short hair and I'm really feeling the look here with the black color in the front- I think it's a great way to play with color outside of the box. Also, her lipstick is gorgeous! The socks with pumps I could have gone without, but she rocked the new trend and didn't look too bad doing it. Woohoo for Riri!
What do you think of her look?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sage Advice


I don't really like to comment about deeply personal issues in people's lives because I believe people deserve their privacy, but I did want to blog about an article I read this morning that is not only true for Sandra Bullock, but all persons everywhere.

According to an US Magazine report online, a friend of Sandra Bullock, Joel Voorhies (her costumer) is reported saying:

"Don't feel sorry for Sandy," he says. "Sandy is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, strong women. Everybody gets hurt. She will rise above it. She will make a decision that will work for her. This moment in time does not define who she is."

I've read an re-read this so many times today. I think she is so lucky to have someone on her side who is strong and giving her strength. These words ring so true too; she is not the only person wronged by a loved one, everyone gets hurt hundreds of ways-through betrayal, sickness, loss, and although horrible things happen in life, you have to keep pushing. Life goes on. Those are sometimes hard words to swallow when all you want to do is crawl up and disappear (remember Carrie in SATC after the wedding fiasco with Big?), but there's going to be another tomorrow and one after that. When things like this happen it's important to "rise above" and make positive choices that you can live with whether or not other people think you're making the right choice or not, you have to make the right one for you.

Although this moment will linger for Sandra for a while, in time it will fade. There's never any one moment that will define you forever if you keep pushing forward and continue to grow. The things in life that you accomplish will shine brighter than the dark shadows of your past.

That's It Taylor Swift


First, you're all over Taylor Lautner, my cougar fantasy man. Now Cory Monteith??? Cory Monteith Taylor??? Both Taylor and Cory IN THE SAME DAY. The same day?? (high pitched voice)

I own all of your CDs, I support your fashion choices (here and here) , and this is how I'm paid back for my loyalty??

Ok, all kidding aside, I must give the girl props for dating hunks. I can't hate too much.

Worst Dressed Ever?

You're young, pretty, have a hit show, what do you wear?? Well, Shenae Grimes wears almost nothing but black and usually looks like a hot mess. What is it with her and Annalynne McCord? I'm beginning to think that Shenae is one of young Hollywood's worst dressers.
Case in point:

When scouring photos of her I could only find a few times when I thought she looked great.

I would put money that her and Lindsay Lohan shop together if not trade clothes. Fashion is fun, exciting, expressive, it's not always about wearing what's on trend, but wearing what's best for you. It's about finding a style that you love, that is flattering, and makes you feel confident about yourself. They have people you can hire to help you find out what that is.

If Shenae were to ask me (you know, because my phone is just a buzz with celebrities asking me for advice and all) what I think she should do to up her style (if you can call it that), here's what I would advise her to do:

1. I get that you wear a lot of black, but start adding some pops of color with a bright belt, shoes, jacket, or clutch. It's one of the easiest things to do and can completely take an outfit from 0 to 10. **I'm not saying that all black doesn't look good, just that she needs to mix it up a bit.

2. Don't hide behind your clothes. Shenae is a petite little thing and a lot of her clothes over power her and you notice them before you notice her.

3. Take something off. Coco Chanel once said "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on". Now, not that she meant that for everyday, but Shenae is often over accessorized. Hello, shorts, boots, torn tights? Too too much. Looking at the above pictures, often times the look could have taken a 180 if she had lost the furry shawl, the leather jacket, or torn tights.

4. Make-up is not separate from your clothes, but is part of the look as a whole. Your face and your body should never ever ever be competing with each other. Take a look at the first picture (try to ignore the fuglyness of the dress): the lipcolor was a poor choice. She should have instead opted for a punch of red like in the dress, or a great nude color (when in doubt, go nude). Also, her 80s eyeshadow is so distracting and too much with the bright lipstick. Because her dress has a very distinct pattern (the design isn't the entire dress and doesn't blend in like florals) her make-up should have been a light smoky eye with neutral lips, or simple eyes with a bright lip.

Any thoughts? Do you like her style? What advice woudl you give the PYT (pretty young thing)?