Friday, March 5, 2010

Lace, the Good and the Ugly


Good- Zoe looks great in this spring's hot nude color! The color looks divine on her skin, her bright lips look so juicy, and her minimal accessories are just right for the busyness of her dress. I love that her dress is classy and flirty at the same time with it's short hem and high neckline.

Ugly- Emma Roberts; you're young, I get it. You're at an age where you can definitely pull off a lot of stuff, but finding stuff that's age appropriate can be rough. You are not a cast member of Golden Girls! That lace jacket if heinous, and you're outfit would have been so cute without it too. Oh, and an FYI, you're gorgeous! Your hair and makeup could be taken down a notch as well.

What you do you think? Who wore lace the best? Have you bought any lace or nude items recently? Spill!

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