Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sage Advice


I don't really like to comment about deeply personal issues in people's lives because I believe people deserve their privacy, but I did want to blog about an article I read this morning that is not only true for Sandra Bullock, but all persons everywhere.

According to an US Magazine report online, a friend of Sandra Bullock, Joel Voorhies (her costumer) is reported saying:

"Don't feel sorry for Sandy," he says. "Sandy is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, strong women. Everybody gets hurt. She will rise above it. She will make a decision that will work for her. This moment in time does not define who she is."

I've read an re-read this so many times today. I think she is so lucky to have someone on her side who is strong and giving her strength. These words ring so true too; she is not the only person wronged by a loved one, everyone gets hurt hundreds of ways-through betrayal, sickness, loss, and although horrible things happen in life, you have to keep pushing. Life goes on. Those are sometimes hard words to swallow when all you want to do is crawl up and disappear (remember Carrie in SATC after the wedding fiasco with Big?), but there's going to be another tomorrow and one after that. When things like this happen it's important to "rise above" and make positive choices that you can live with whether or not other people think you're making the right choice or not, you have to make the right one for you.

Although this moment will linger for Sandra for a while, in time it will fade. There's never any one moment that will define you forever if you keep pushing forward and continue to grow. The things in life that you accomplish will shine brighter than the dark shadows of your past.
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