Monday, March 1, 2010

Resolutions, February Update


February was kind of a slump for me. EEEEK. Last month I did pretty well, but this month was embarassingly bad for my resolutions (well some of them). I really hope you guys are doing well on yours! Let me know how you are doing, if you made any changes to your resolutions, or if you have any affirmations or suggestions for me!

So here we go:


Quick! Write in your journal before you go to sleep!

1. Write in my journal. I did do my monthly recap (ok, I'll do it tomorrow) and wrote a few times in my Kiehl's journal.

Maybe I should stop kissing in the rain and start looking at my portfolio

2. This is my year of savings. I still need to make an appointment with my investor for my retirement account, I have continued to deposit money into my HSA so I can one day have Lasik eye surgery and never have to wear or use contacts/glasses again. I started reading my Suze Orman book and I may have to tweak my goals a bit to get the most out of my paycheck to really focus on my future (wedding- no I'm not engaged but still want to think ahead, home buying, retirement, and a general savings account). I'll let you ladies know what I've learned and what changes I make.


I definitely need to be doing less of this and start doing more exercise

3. Lose 15lbs by May 1st. Eeeeek. This one is the embarassing one. After my trip to the Motherland, I gained 2 lbs!! Not a lot at all, but still depressing. Plus I haven't worked out at all and didn't count calories everyday like I was doing last month. with only two more months before my goal date I need to lose 13lbs and really need to start working out if I'm going to see any results whatsoever. So, I'm going to count calories and work out Mon/Tues/Weds every week whether it's a DVD or going to the gym. This is a must, there's nothing stopping me from my goal but myself.


4. Learn to cook. I have actually started cooking, I made 2 meals! Ha ha ha. It's a start and I'm going to continue to keep cooking and using the recipes you have sent to me. I plan on doing a post soon, once I have more than my two meals under my belt.


Don't worry, I won't be getting this personal

5. To be more personal on this blog. Well, I'm still writing about my progress, the good and the embarrassing. Do you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to see?

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