Friday, March 19, 2010

New Beauty & Hair Looks

So, ever since I put up my Celeb Inspiration Board, I've been trying new things with my hair and makeup! I'm really excited about and it has been a lot of fun. I've definitely found some new looks I'll start wearing regularly now that I've done them and it didn't take much longer than I already take to get ready.

Look 1 Molly Sims
I loved how pretty and natural Molly Sims make-up looked here. To re-create it I used a brown pencil liner (I'm totally going to buy liquid in brown now), a neutral eye color, pink blush, and some gold shimmer on my cheeks.

Look 2 Ashley Tisdale
I usually wear a dark smoky eye, but with hers I noticed she had some lighter shimmer on the top. To re-create it I did a charcoal black near my lashes, a bronze shadow in the crease, and then blended a gold loose shimmer over the whole lid concentrating near my brows. Hers looks darker then mine, but I had a lot of eyeliner and mascara on, I just used this picture to focus on the color. Since trying the colores together, I've worn it several more times. I really like that it was smoky, but not too dark. I think it will be the perfect summer smoky eye.

Here are the looks I tried from my
Celebrity Inspiration Board and my Spring Beauty Trends

Look 3 Side Braid
I first tried fish-tailing it like Dianna Argon's, but it made my braid too short and thin. I'll have to try it again, but use extensions for length and thickness. This look was so easy! It took me maybe 10 minutes all together. Wearing it, I felt fun, flirty, and young. I received several compliments throughout the day. I'll definitely be rocking the look a LOT this summer.

Look 4 Pastel Eyes
I bought a quad of purples to try this look and I really liked the look. It was a good change of pace from my usual neutral shadows. The pastel colors I felt were easier to wear then more bold shades I've worn in the past. The colors didn't make me feel like I was over done or too old to wear them.

Look 5 Half Up Do
I kind of cheated here because I wear my hair like this a lot. Still, It's an easy summer look and I did have this picture up on another board. My "pouf" is actually a lot higher, but I couldn't really get a good picture of the heighth.

So....what do you think? What was your favorite look? Which look is your least favorite? Have you tried any new looks this spring yet? What looks are you wanting to try?

If you want to know which products and colors I used, send me an email to or leave me your email in the comments and I'd be happy to send the info. It just took way too long to write all of them down for each look.

*PS Please ignore the size of the pictures, I was fooling around with them so they'd sit side by side so the dimensions are a little off.
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