Friday, March 12, 2010

Armageddon Is Here!

Look how beautiful and feminine Kristen Stewart is! She's wearing a PINK dress with PINK blush!! Yessss, Kristen has come over to the bright side of life. She even made my best dressed for the Oscar's! I don't know what has brought all of this on (maybe love??) but I have to say I love it! She's a beautiful woman, but that outward beauty doesn't always shine when her hair is a mess, she's not smiling, and she has a distant glaze over her eyes.


Doesn't she look just fab?! I love the dress, with the sexy cut outs on the top, the bright color - perfect for spring, and the mini length. I just love love love it! I like that she kept to her style though with her tough hair, nails and heels.

Here she is with my recent
Celeb Inspiration Dakota Fanning, aren't they so cute as friends? Are you going to see The Runaways?

Here she is at Robert Pattinson's premiere for Remember Me, I loved her makeup here. Her dark shadow really made her green eyes pop, and the blush made her cheeks look fierce. I may have to add this pic to my board.
Here she is at the Elle Style Awards where I first noticed the change in her style. The dress is so cute.

What do you think of Kristen's style? Do you like it better like this- feminine with some edge? Or do you prefer her tomboy look before?
Obviously, I'm digging the new style. I think she has been killing it lately and pulling off this new look very well. She's still staying true to her style with dark colors, rocker heels, and dark nails. I hope she sticks with this style, because she looks great and I'd love to copy some more looks.
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