Thursday, March 25, 2010

Worst Dressed Ever?

You're young, pretty, have a hit show, what do you wear?? Well, Shenae Grimes wears almost nothing but black and usually looks like a hot mess. What is it with her and Annalynne McCord? I'm beginning to think that Shenae is one of young Hollywood's worst dressers.
Case in point:

When scouring photos of her I could only find a few times when I thought she looked great.

I would put money that her and Lindsay Lohan shop together if not trade clothes. Fashion is fun, exciting, expressive, it's not always about wearing what's on trend, but wearing what's best for you. It's about finding a style that you love, that is flattering, and makes you feel confident about yourself. They have people you can hire to help you find out what that is.

If Shenae were to ask me (you know, because my phone is just a buzz with celebrities asking me for advice and all) what I think she should do to up her style (if you can call it that), here's what I would advise her to do:

1. I get that you wear a lot of black, but start adding some pops of color with a bright belt, shoes, jacket, or clutch. It's one of the easiest things to do and can completely take an outfit from 0 to 10. **I'm not saying that all black doesn't look good, just that she needs to mix it up a bit.

2. Don't hide behind your clothes. Shenae is a petite little thing and a lot of her clothes over power her and you notice them before you notice her.

3. Take something off. Coco Chanel once said "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on". Now, not that she meant that for everyday, but Shenae is often over accessorized. Hello, shorts, boots, torn tights? Too too much. Looking at the above pictures, often times the look could have taken a 180 if she had lost the furry shawl, the leather jacket, or torn tights.

4. Make-up is not separate from your clothes, but is part of the look as a whole. Your face and your body should never ever ever be competing with each other. Take a look at the first picture (try to ignore the fuglyness of the dress): the lipcolor was a poor choice. She should have instead opted for a punch of red like in the dress, or a great nude color (when in doubt, go nude). Also, her 80s eyeshadow is so distracting and too much with the bright lipstick. Because her dress has a very distinct pattern (the design isn't the entire dress and doesn't blend in like florals) her make-up should have been a light smoky eye with neutral lips, or simple eyes with a bright lip.

Any thoughts? Do you like her style? What advice woudl you give the PYT (pretty young thing)?
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