Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrity Inspiration Board

So... if you don't already know (or assume) I'm a fashion/beauty/celeb junkie. I subscribe to InStyle & Glamour, and I'm always buying the People StyleWatch (I'm hoping to get a subscription for my bday...hint to anyone who's interested). Since I was in the junior high, I've always cut and clipped out articles, pictures, etc from magazines or wherever that inspire me. I have recently started to glue them onto construction paper and put them on my wall so when I don't know what to wear, how to do my hair, or want to try a new makeup look, I have something to check out and try. These pictures are mostly of hair and makeup looks (there's only two for outfits-Ashley Tisdale & SJP, both white dresses nonetheless) and I'm going to really really really try and do more with my hair and makeup this summer. I've already tried 2 different looks and got positive feedback, after I have a few more I'll do a post to show you guys, I've made sure to take pictures. The pink frame you see above some of the pics is my personal inspiration board of personal cards from friends and family, pictures, and little quotes or stories that I enjoy.

Here's an overview of the pictures I have:


Here's a close up of each page:

The braid section, I'm really looking forward to rocking these this summer:

My celeb board is usually full of clothes and outfits, but I feel like my hair and makeup have kind of been in a rut and I wanted to try new stuff without having to whip out my ATM card.

What do you think? Who's look do you admire most? Do you ever copy hair, makeup, clothes from a magazine or celebrity?
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