Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where to Find Details of Our Wedding

Are you ready ladies? I'm giving away all my secrets to the wedding! They're not really secrets, I just want to share all the details about my wedding that took me hours of researching and stalking on the internet to find. You see all these perfect wedding details online and in magazines, but where the H did these brides find them? Were they rented, did they make them, was it supplied by their venue? It drove me crazy for a long time before my own details started coming together. If you'd like to see how these items looked at the wedding, click the tag "Our Wedding" below the post to see all the pictures I've posted on the blog.

Our Guestbook

For our guestbook we used a children's toybox from Ikea (find it here). I had seen a couple of benches used as sign-ins for weddings online and thought it was such a great idea. Then, when I found this toybox that doubled as a seat, I thought it would be perfect for our future home as a place to store extra items like blankets or photoalbums.

We knew right away we wanted to use chalkboards as kind of a theme throughout the festivities- our Save the Dates, seating chart, and tables numbers. We found our large ones here through Amazon and the smaller ones here through Save On Crafts.

Our Cake Toppers
I seriously love Etsy, it's one of the best sites ever created!
I saw cake toppers like this on a few wedding blogs and new instantly I wanted them for our cake. I found our Personalized Wood Doll set from PeanutButterBandit on Etsy. Kathy did a fabulous job painting the toppers to look like us, I loved how she painted my dress and plan on using these toppers as decoration in a hutch or as a Christmas ornaments- I haven't decided yet.

Our Ring Dish
Instead of a traditional pillow, I wanted something we can use/have forever and found this Ring Bearer Dish on Etsy from WiseImpressions. It came so quickly and we were able to change the saying to "Here Comes the Sun" which was our first dance. You can also choose what colors and ribbon to match your needs. We plan on hanging this in our future home or also using it as a Christmas Ornament.

My Wedding Jewelry
I had a hard time finding jewelry that I loved at a reasonable price, but found this Natalia Bracelet and Earring Set from Anna Bellagio. I felt like a princess in this jewelry, I usually don't wear such large pieces, but they were perfect for my dress and the overall look I wanted.
I had a few questions for Anna Bellagio, like what does it look like in gold, and they were so helpful and I had the best customer service there! They sent the jewelry in cute pink boxes with ribbon and even included a hand-written note.

My Feather Fascinator
I bought this Splendor Ivory and White Fascinator with Rhinestone Jewel from WeeGardens.  It was absolutely beautiful and I received so many compliments on it! I can't believe WeeGardens made it herself, in real life it looked IDENTICAL to ones that cost 3-4 times as much. It was great quality, the feathers were soft and beautiful, and the clip was easy to use.

My Garters
As for my garters, I was kind of on the fence about getting them, until I started looking online! There are so many beautiful and crazy ones, I couldn't imagine not having one to toss and one to keep. I found some really beautiful and intricate garters, but the prices were outrageous! Then I came across Bridal White and Something Blue Garter from HelloDesignCrew and fell in love. My "something blue" had accidently been trashed so I needed to find something in it's place and I loved how simple and cute these garters were. Mary makes gorgeous garters, it was hard to choose one and it came packaged perfectly and quickly!

That covers the big things I was on the lookout for. If there's something else you have a question about, please let me know in email ( or comments!

Bridal Party Gifts

For the gift tags, I used this lace template from Martha Stewart, but printed it in gray scale. Then cut them into a tag shape. So easy to do!
All sunglasses are from Forever 21.

The nightgowns are from Victoria Secret, the Canterbury Knit Nightie found here.
We also gifted the Bridesmaids with faux pearl earrings, bracelets and Victoria Secret lip gloss.

Their shoes are Van Slip Ons in Charlcoal, found here.

For our Ringbearers

We found these awesome Personalized Doodlebugz Doodlebag here.

For our Flowergirls

This Personalized Ballerina Bag from here was just perfect!
We also gave the girls some faux pearl necklaces and bracelets to match the bridesmaids.

For our parents, we are giving them custom wedding albums from Mixbook.

Ok, I think I covered my bases. If there's anything I left out that you're interested in knowing where we got them or how we made them, let me know in an email or comment. Or if you have questions about the quality or service of anything!
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