Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Chloe Moretz

I just want to start off with a small disclaimer: I know Chloe Moretz is only 14 freaking years old, but that doesn't mean I would want her closet. Miss Moretz is always elegantly dressed and just exudes style. I'm so impressed by her style, I think I should take some notes! I think she's going to be is the new junior style icon.

LBD: Never overly styled, Chloe is the so chic in these ensembles.

Daytime Attire: I love shorts, they're perfect for summer but it can be hard wearing them and still be fashionable. Chloe does it with ease.

Young and Fabulous: Life is no fun if you don't take advantage of dressing young when you can. These two dresses are perfect for her and I love her hair in them.

Pretty in Pink: She may be young, but Chloe knows how to dress in style.

Seriously, I'd wear all of it! She doesn't even use a stylist! Can you believe that? She looks fantastic 24/7. She dresses so stylishly and it's perfect for her age, but also young women in general. Do you know who she is? You might recognize her from the movie Kick Ass (I didn't know what to expect since it's a Nicholas Cage movie and everything, but it was pretty entertaining and I loved her character) or (500) Days of Summer, but played her characters so well and I hope we see more and more of her. 

What do you think? Do you love her? Do you want to see more of her too?

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