Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Tried It/Product Review: OPI Black Shatter Polish

I've seen OPI Black Shatter Polish all over the web and magazines, it was in Serena Williams' and Katy Perry's collctions and now they have a whole Shatter Collection full of different colors. The shatter is always sold out everywhere, all the time. When I checked out Ulta this week, they had huge signs posted around the displays allowing each customer to only buy one shatter polish at a time. They only had one black left and I snatched it up and hid it with my other purchases so no one would try to jump me for it.

Originally, I was just going to pass on the polish. I mean, how often am I going to "shatter" my nail color? That's until I saw this nail look in Instyle and had to re-create it. I mean I just love leopard print (but not in a tacky way, I promise) and the Sally Hansen Nail Effects are always sold out in the print and I'm not talented enough to draw the design on myself with my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen (see my review here).
This picture did me in, I had to copy it now. For the gold base color I used my favorite Savina gold shade (see my review here), and topped it off with the OPI Shatter Polish.
Love love love the look! I just know I'm going to go on a shatter polish binge and shatter everything. While at Ulta, I picked up some neon polishes too (you may know from Twitter) and might shatter one or two fingers on my next mani.

Erin over at Everything According to Erin had some problem with the polish "shattering" (see her review here) so I was kind of skeptic at the application, but I found it really easy. I've heard different reviews though, sometimes it worked great and others who also had a hard time with the application. That may be because of the type of nail polish or the brand or maybe mine was thinner or whatever. I was thankful it worked so well for me.

My advice for the process is to make sure your base coat is completely dry, I would think it would work best on top of just one coat. If I had to do two coats for the base color I would probably wait a few hours or until the next day to add the shatter top coat. When applying the shatter, you have to paint fast and you don't really get a chance to go over where you painted because the polish is thick, dries really quickly, and shatters fast.

Pros: shatters quickly, dries really fast, lasts,  is easy to remove (unlike glitter polishes), and your mani- at least for me- lasted about the same time.

Cons: polish is really thick, doesn't coat your nail evenly like reguar polish before shattering.

Have you tried the shatter polish yet? Was it easy for you? Do you love the look?
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