Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Tried It: The Plus-One Pedicure

New nails trends were featured in Glamour's July 2011 issue (with Blake Lively as the covergirl- love her!) and I couldn't wait to try out this trend on my toes. I even tweeted the look I liked it so much. I've been rocking the trend on my fingers for almost a year now (first blogged about it here when Vanessa Hudgens first rocked it) and thought it would look bomb on my toes too.



I'm not even going to show you a pic of my toes, because it's embarrassing. It just didn't look right and I felt like a child who painted each finger a different color. My H even thought I did it by mistake...along with everyone else. So this is definitely a no-go in my book. The trend looked great on glossy pics, not so much in person. Maybe it will catch on and grow on me though?

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I've upped my one-nail trend to two nails and like the look even better. It's perfect for giving the peace sign too because you get one nail of each color ha ha.

(see my OPI Shatter review here).

So ladies, would you rock the look on your toes? Do you do it to your mani? Do you think this Plus-One Pedi will catch on?

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