Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Ready and Details

Ok ladies, this is the last of my wedding mega-posts. I'll spread the remaining posts, advice/inspiration/shopping/guest pics, out across to just once a week on my "Wedding Thursdays".
If anyone has any specific questions, don't be afraid to ask! Please feel free to email me at!

I love my hair dresser/make-up artist. Her curling iron is like a magic wand. This chick has talent.

I loved my jewelry. I felt like Miss America. The flips flops were the best idea ever.

Remember how I'm not really a flower person? Not anymore, I'm in love with my bouquets and the boutonnieres. Lovely. Each girl's bouquet was all pink and one type of flower and my bouquet was a mix of all the flowers and some bright yellow ones. Their groomsmen counterparts boutonniere matched their bouquet too. Loved them!

Reception details.

Our guestbook is a toybox seat! It now sits cutely in the corner of our living room and is great storage for extra blankets and pillows.

Our cake was two layer of lemon and one layer of strawberry with cream cheese frosting. It was delicious!

We had 6 different types of flags for the drinks, they were so easy and simple to make!

Our favors were Smore's on a stick. Matthew proposed while we were camping so it was a perfect fit!

Bridal Party Bags

Two things somehow no one got a picture of was our kids table and a question table. We had several children at our wedding so I had a whole table for them to play with packed with bubbles, puzzles, coloring books, masks to color, and candy necklaces to make. The kids and their parents loved it and it kept them busy throughout the night.

Our questions table was inside the pool house and was set up with a huge apothecary jar, pictures of Matt and I, and 8 cards with different questions for our guests to answer while waiting for the restroom. The questions ranged from where we should vacation, what hobbies should we take, and favorite memories.
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