Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Nail Trend for Fall

My dear friends, I saw this on Glamour's website of my girl Vanessa Hudgens, and could have just died!

(All pictures from Glamour)

See how she matched her ring finger nail to her toes?? It's the cutest idea ever!!

Do you always match your toes to your fingers? I don't usually, sometimes I'll do the same color family, hot pink on my toes with light pink on my fingers, but sometimes I'll rock two completely different colors.

I think this is such a fun, cute, and creative way to change up your nails without being too crazy-like the pointed nail trend I still keep seeing around but have yet to jump on the bandwagon for.

As long as your two colors are complimentary, I think is is such a cute idea, I just have to copy Vanessa for myself for my next mani pedi.

Earlier this year I saw a similar trend really quickly on Gossip Girl where Blake Lively's character was in the back of a cab and she had white nails with only the ring finger nail decorated. Because I'm a GG stalker, I searched all over the internet to get a picture of that specific scene, but it was always too blurry and trying to capture it correctly online was just ridiculous. So I never posted about it, but did run out and paint my nails like that ASAP.  I've since done my nails like that on and off, but forget to snap a picture. So, I did a quick example this week for you ladies:

So what do you think? Do you like Vanessa's look? Would you wear this? Do you think it will catch on?


Audrey said...

what glitter polish do you have on your finger?? x

Anonymous said...

i will TOTALLY be rockin this! i also am going to start a new trend. i wish i had taken a picture, but the last time i got a pedicure...i went shopping afterward. of course i just HAD to try on a pair of shoes and basically ruined my brand new pedi. what an idiot. well then i came home and smoothed over the messed up parts with polish remover and repainted them with a similar color that i owned. the colors didn't match exactly and gave my toes a tie dye effect! anyway. it was the bomb. thanks for letting us in on this trend!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! I especially love what you did....added a little bling to the ring finger without going crazy! I normally match my toe and nail polishes, or (like you) keep it complimentary and in the same family. I'm totally doing this next mani I get!

Leah said...

Love your version! I so want to paint my nails now!


Miss K said...

Audrey- I'm wearing the silver glitter from Wet and Wild

Reed- Sounds like your new trend is h-o-t! I saw some tie-dyed nails from a minx process. I've been dying to recreate it though with my own nail polish.

Kristin- I loved the glitter on just one nail. I thought that having it on just one nail would bug me, but I didn't really notice it. It was a lot of fun I think too to switch it up a bit.

Leah- You and me both!

Jessica said...

I do that with my nails but I have never considered matching them to my toenails like that! What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing :)