Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drew Barrymore is Styling!

With Drew's new movie Going the Distance, a romantic comedy with her on and off boyfriend Justin Long (I really love them together and hope that they "go the distance") she has been making the rounds on the publicity front.

Drew's style is pretty funky to say the least, but I really love her outfits as of late. Her ombre hair? Not so much (in this post most of you ladies agreed), but the style and length of it I do like. Her recent style choices seem to mix both glamour and some of Drew's funk together. Great dresses paired with funky belts or jewelry. Trendy skinny cargos with riding boots mixed with a fringed top and floppy hat. Definitely Drew's style coming through.


This is my personal favorite look. I love everything about it-with the exception of her ombre hair, that she is somehow pulling off pretty well here. Pairing a belt with a fancy schmancy dress is perfect for toning it down and making it a bit more casual. To keep up the red carpet status, Drew wore some statement earrings and some gorgeous pumps.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to see the movie? What's your favorite look?
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