Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

I had such a WONDERFUL weekend shopping with my family and friend for a dress. We met in the morning for croissants, fruit and mimosas and then headed out to find the perfect dress. At the first store, I gave the consultant an idea of what I was looking for and he pulled several dresses for me to try on. I tried on a few -even one that looked more like a negligee than a dress- and then among the pile I found it. I found a dress that looked stunning on me, made me feel beautiful and bridal. It's so romantic! It's funny too, because it's not anything like what I was looking for in this post and I almost didn't even try it on! Aaaand that morning I was even saying how I didn't believe that there's just one dress for each girl and that I could be happy in several different dresses, just depending on what style I wanted to wear. I'd love to show you a picture, but my Fiance reads my blog and I don't want him to have any extra hints besides this detail: it's long. Sorry to hold out on you guys, but you'll just have to wait with my Fiance for the big day for the reveal.

After the first store, we went to lunch, and then to a second store where we were lucky enough to find bridesmaid dresses too! Woohoo! Not all of my bridesmaid were with me and I haven't formally asked everyone yet either, but I think what we found will look and feel great on everyone.

My Sister and Maid of Honor

My Sister and soon to be Sister in Laws

My soon to be Mother in Law and my Mother

My sorority sister A, my Sister, sweet Baby R, my soon to be Sister in Laws

All the ladies

I just want to say a big Thank You again to everyone who came and all my friends and family for their support. This was such an amazing day that I will always remember and cherish.
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