Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mini OOTD Post, Love Me Some Orange!

So, I've had my eyes on these RJ Graziano Long Beaded necklace from Nordstrom's, but didn't think it was worth the $68 price tag. went on sale for $33.90. Better price, but not wonderful. What's a girl to do???

Then, when I had nearly forgotten about them I stumbled on an awesome sale at Francesca's Collections where I found the beads for $7!! Yes, you read that correctly SEVEN DOLLARS!!

In real life, they're a bright orange color, but in the picture they look more like coral. Maybe because I took it with my phone instead of a decent camera. All night long I kept dreaming of all the different ways I could wear it. I've already worn them loved that they were so light weight and didn't weigh my neck down. If it's one thing I can't stand it's heavy jewelry!

In my stubborn determination, I've tried to wear them as often as I can to prove to my sister, who hates orange and didn't think the necklace was that great, how versatile the necklace is. Even after these outfits, I continue to wear them almost weekly. I wear a lot of basics and solid prints so a bright necklace is my go-to way to spruce up any outfit.

Ok, so here are some pictures of how I've worn it so far:

1st pic: Nordstrom cardigan, American Eagle Skinny jeans, white fitted T-shirt
2nd pic: JBrand Skinny jeans, Nordstrom tank
3rd pic: little boys button down shirt from Target, Nordstrom Capri pants
4th pic: Nordstrom dress & Jacket
(*When I say Nordstrom, I mean that I bought it from the BP Section, but it's not any particular brand, if you would like further details about anything on this post or any post, just let me know)

The last picture is my favorite look and I've worn it this same way a few more times.

How do you spice up your everyday outfits? Do you wear a lot of jewelry? Do you wear bright colors?
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