Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrity Inspiration: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is one hardworking mama! Huge career, new baby, dealing with the loss of her loved ones, and an upcoming wedding! Wow, she's a little busy bee! However busy she is, she always looks fab though! Jennifer is very conscious of her curves and dresses to accentuate her body instead of hiding it. Her style is feminine, trendy, chic, and very classy. She's always put together and her hair and make-up is gorgeous!Glamourous is her style and it really shows.

Body Conscious- Jennifer doesn't hide her curves, but instead embraces and showcases them in a classy way. Just the right amount of skin, perfect hemline, and form fitting without being so tight she can hardly breathe. She also chooses cuts that stremline her shape in a complimentary way  (notice that her clothes are care fitted at her waist to accentuate her hourglass figure).

Casual- Miss Hudgens keeps her bottoms tight and her tops loose to play off her figure. She also doesn't forget to layer and uses accessories to dress up even the most casual of looks.

Red Carpet- Dreamgirl is right! Her red carpet choices are so beautiful, young, and fresh. She has found her style and has stuck to it; long, lean, and focuses on her chest, shoulders, and arms.
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