Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Product Review: Sally Hansen Color FAIL!

Back when I bought Petal Pusher, I also bought Quick Sand. I was so excited to try them both and Petal Pusher was a HUGE hit. See my review here. Quick Sand is a pretty nude color with shimmer/glitter in it.

Why do my feet look so chubby in pictures?? I swear they're not! Usually shoes are too wide for me

I finally got around to using it and I'm so disappointed! The quality and color of the polish was perfect, I still love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry line, but the color looked so horrible on me!! I only kept it on long enough to snap a picture of it for you dolls. Then I promptly changed back to Petal Pusher.

I think I need nude colors with more of a pink undertone. I'm pretty sad about it, because the color is gorgeous!

The color is a pretty camel shade, but I think it's better suited for people with darker skin.

What do you ladies think? I'm going to pass it along to someone else, maybe my sister or mom?
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