Monday, August 30, 2010

Best & Worst Dressed at the Emmys 2010

The Emmy's this year did not disappoint! At least no on the red carpet anyways!

Here are my best dressed in no particular order because I couldn't pick just one:

Glittering in gold (yellow for Sofia)- Heather Morris was a s-t-u-n-n-e-r in this gold number! Best outfit I've ever seen her wear! I love all her look, the dress, her glamorous hair, red lipstick and black accessories. I'm def going to remember this for my NYE dress.  Nina Dobrev was beautiful in her Grecian style dress. Her dangly earrings and updo were the perfect choice. Claire Danes was gorgeous in her shimmer number, her make-up perfect and her low key hair also looked amazing. With Sofia Vergara it was love at first sight. First she's wearing my fave color (yellow), the sparkle down the center really accentuated her curves, and her hair made me super jealous. This look is much better than her homecoming look at the SAG awards (see here).

Jewel tones- January Jones looked aaaamazing in this bright blue number. I know she got a lot of slack and critics are still complaining, but I thought the color and creative cut worked for her. The color really complimented her skin, hair and eyes. Although, I think a better hair do would have been a better choice. Emily Deschanel was charming in purple, I love both the style and color of the dress. Kyra Sedgwick's dress was just lovely! I loved how she paired it with loose waves and neutral colored jewelry.

Neutrals- Amber Riley was marvelous in a white Grecian style dress. Her jewelry choices impeccable and matched well with her dress. I loved her updo as well. Great choice for the Emmy's and for her curves. Jennifer Carpenter's dress really accentuated her silhouette and her hair pulled to the opposite corner was gorgeous! Heidi Klum looked stunning in a short number, standing out across all of the long dresses. My favorite part of her look is her shoes! Lea Michele looked gorgeous as always! Her dress and jewelry were stunning, but I'm indifferent about her hair. Looks to me like it should have been more curled or straighter.

Best dressed male goes to Ryan Kwantan for going outside of the black tuxedo box. He looked so hunky with a bit of scruff in his navy blue and black plaid suit and maroon tie. Swoon.

Now on to my worst dressed;
Naya Rivera, what were you thinking? All of this is a NO. Were you trying to emulate devil horns with your hair?

Keri Russel, you do look fab, but far too casual for the Emmy's.
PS are her and Naya wearing the same shoes?

Stephanie Pratt- You look great, but this was a formal affair.

What do you think? Agree disagree? Who were your faves?


Casey at Instant Inspiration said...

umm my heart just skipped a beat.. thank you ryan kwanten for being such a BABE. *swoon* is right.

Miss*Kimmy said...

The very top right is my absolute fave ... simply stunning. I missed the Emmy's but am glad for the blogs like yours that are recapping all the gowns =)

Frances said...

You're right, they're wearing the same shoes. Did you notice that Stephanie Pratt has on so much eye make up that her eyes look like their glazed over? I really loved all the dresses that you pictured. There was one that I only caught a glimpse of on the red carpet, and I think it was someone's date, but the dress was gorgeous!!

Lyndsy said...

I wasn't overly thrilled with any dresses honestly! I did love Claire and Jennifer and even though I wasn't head over heels for January's dress I still liked it!

KP said...

Stephanie Pratt got that look as part of an E! pre-show Mad Men makeover for her and Lo Bosworth. Both looked pretty ridiculous but Stephanie's was utterly out of place and doesn't even look very Mod, which is what they were going for her style.

I was a bit torn on some of the heavily textured and tiered dresses. I think they got a bit overwhelming, drawing away from the whole look.

I did love Clair Danes and Kim Kardashian's outfits. Overall, I was a bit underwhelmed by the styles as a whole.

Jessica said...

I love all the gold dresses, they are beautiful. And ohh Jason Stackhouse you may not be the brightest bulb but you sure are handsummm :) lol

Hazel Williams said...

YAY Ryan Kwanten! Australian hunk!! Loving all the gold dresses! and the purple! :) Hazel

Tiffany said...

HEIDI KLUM IS STUNNING, AS ALWAYS, AND I liked Lea Michele's dress!

pearls and green tea said...

The top right is my fave too!!

Jammer said...

Great picks! The ladies looked STUNNING this year. But I have to say, when I saw that she-pratt was even at the emmys I almost fell over lol.