Thursday, August 19, 2010

These Are My Confessions

Hi my name is Kristen and I'm a makeup-aholic. I'll be attending every Wednesday meeting from here on out. LOL. Remember that post about my MAC and Maybelline reviews where I promised to post about all the make-up I own? Well I took the pictures and realized that I have a problem. I just can't help it though! I see something pretty and shimmery and I believe that it calls my name. When I do try and pass up buying it, I just dream about owning it. Literally dream about it. As in, during my R.E.M. cycle, I dream up all the looks I can create with whatever new product I've found and how it will instantly somehow better my life.

So here are my confessions:

My everyday make-up bag, these are the products I use most often. Sometimes my shadows will be swapped or if I'm trying something new, the product goes in my bag.

Here's make-up that I keep in a large bag that I carry with me often when I travel. It's all of my second most used products or my refills for products I use that I may run out of or products waiting to be used for a review.

Extras that are hanging out in my bathroom drawer because they're used more often than my travel bag of make-up, but less than my current everyday make-up bag. Some of them are just randoms that are found floating around in there because they don't have a home.

Here's the make-up I keep in a small bag in my car for emergencies since I don't carry make-up (other than lipglosses) in my purse. Here I'll stash my almost empty compacts, lip glosses that are pretty similar to my normal everyday shades, etc.

Here are my lipglosses that have their own make-up bag because they were overflowing everything else

Here the lipglosses I carry in my purse

The make-up in a make-up case. These are mostly pallettes or items I bought for a specific occasion/outfit/season.

Last, but not least, a drawer of randoms.

Oh ya, I figured I'd throw in a picture of my nail polish collection as well.

Seriously, I'm almost embarrassed. Almost being the key word. I guess my collection does show that I'm open and willing to try everything whether it's name brand, department or drugstore buy. I'll just justify my stashes with the fact that I have a beauty oriented blog I must write for. I just HAVE to have all the latest colors and products. Right? ....RIGHT???

I'm consistently on the hunt for great products that are true to their color, last all day, easy to apply and wear, and also make me feel good wearing them. Even with buttload of products, there's still more out there that I want to buy and try like Nars Orgasm blush or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

So what's your beauty confessions? Do you love to splurge on mascara? Or you a moisturizer whore? What?? Spill!
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