Monday, August 2, 2010

Luck be a Lady Tonight! Vegas Trip!

Last month I went to Vegas with a bunch of my homies for my friend S "Dirty 30" birthday. We had so much fun! We got a sick deal on our rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel for $30/night due to their Twitter Tuesday promotions. I don't have a Twitter, but luckily my friends are cooler than me. 

We spent the day at their SkyBar and had the best time. Most of the group stayed for the whole weekend (or longer), but a small group of us just went out for one hardcore night. I don't have many pictures though, but I thought I'd share the ones I do have.

Here's some of our Laker fans rubbing the Championship in some random Celtics fans' faces. Such gentlemen.

My friend Scottie So Hottie (as we called him back in college), I loved his Wonderbread shorts and called him Moondoggie all day.

Here are some of my best BFFs and sorority sisters. I'm completely shocked that I'm posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit that aren't from the "waist up only" (as I like to tell most people who take my pic while I'm bikini clad), but I thought "Why the heck not? I heart my readers".

The birthday boy S in the middle with the blue hat. He's such a doll! Love that kid!

Here are the only two pictures I have of us at the club. We stayed out until 5am and these were the only pictures I got! I couldn't believe it! If you haven't been to Vegas before, your nights tend to be crazy, often ridiculous, and one of the best parts of the trip are looking at the pictures the next morning. We were thoroughly disappointed though when all I had was this measily one and not even a group shot. There were two others, but they were either a)blurry or b) everyone's eyes were closed. I guess I'll have to take another trip out there to make up for it huh?
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