Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Post: Registery


The Fiance and I have started our registries this weekend! We had so much fun, but boy is it tiring!! We've gone to one store and have two more stores to register at. I thought this would be so much fun, and it definitely is, but after a few hours I was pooped and told the Hubby To Be to just start scanning whatever he wanted- he could find me over on a couch if he had any questions. LOL! Fortunately, we had my Future in Laws with us to help guide the way through the kitchen items. I have no clue when it comes to anything kitchen related (remember my New Years resolution?) so once we were finished there I didn't have the endurance to hit up towels or bedding. Instead we dragged our butts to In-N-Out Burger for a break. We're going to start another registry tonight and finish the third probably next week.

Here's the start of my you have any tips for me? After asking some of my friends and scowering through bridal websites, I did pick up some great hints. However, I'd much rather get some advice from people who have done it and know what they're doing or what they would have done instead.

Here's what I know, read online, or have already been told:
- Make sure to register for various price points for all guests
- Register at two locations minimum and make sure your registry is available in store and online.
- Don't stress out about it, it's much easier to let your significant other scan whatever ridiculous item he/she wants than to fight about it
- To communicate with your partner about what/how you envision your lifestyle and home so you can register for items appropriate to your needs
- Don't register at Target because they don't let you return items and are hard to deal with (thanks again From Shrimp to Lobster in this post, plus I've heard it from a few other people as well)
- Not to worry about over registering, it makes it easier for your guests to find a gift they would love to give

So, another question I have for you is this: What items should I not bother to register for? What items MUST I register for? For example, my friends didn't both with China, but did register-splurge on their everyday dinnerware. Another friend of mine just had to have a juicer, but never uses it now. Should I get plain plates or ones with a design? Sterling silver silverware or stainless steel? So many options! For all of you guys who have registered or even live on your own, what items do I have to have and what can I live without?
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