Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Major 2010 Trends...In One Outfit

Kim Kardashian has great style and is always "on" in the public eye. She could even be considered a fashionista, always wearing the latest everything and wearing it well.

What about when you just go for it and wear all the trends at once? Does "too much of a good thing" exist? I think so ladies. She did it in 2009 (see my post here) and now she's done it again with the 2010 trends.

Sexy cut-outs? Check. Asymmetrical dress? Check. Fierce shoulders? Check. Peplum skirts? Check. Yep, she's got them all there in this LBD:


In other Internet buzz, rumors have been swirling about Khloe Kardashian and whether or not she's prego. She and Lamar have talked openly about wanting and trying for children, but she's recently kept mum on the current status of it. She's also worn mostly baggy tops and conveniently poses with props in front of her waist to keep the buzz going. I saw this pic of her this morning... looks like it could be a baby bump or just an extra poofy skirt. What's your take?

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