Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, No, Maybe So?

Two-tone hair has been coming around the past year, LC and other celebs had this look last year, my mother says roots are in that all the celebs have them, buuuuuttttt what about drastically color two-toned hair? Maybe the ladies are taking a more relaxed role in their hair upkeep?

Personally, to me, this can easily look a bit trashy, kind of reminds me of people on reality TV where I just wonder to myself "You know you're going to be on national television, why didn't you get your hair done or buy a $5 box of color from the store?".

I like it better when there's more of an "ombre" look than drastic- like your tips are naturally that light from the sun.
Here's an example:

Here are some notorious obvious root celebs (and the reason why my mom thinks showing your roots is in style):

Now, I AM NOT trying so be superficial here, obviously your roots show in between getting it done. I know I don't have the $$ to get my hair touched-up every two weeks or so, but some ladies like it when their roots show. Jennifer Aniston and Madonna just have about and inch or less of roots, but what about the ladies who have roots going down to their ears and it's an obvious light vs dark war?

Here's my point and what I want to know from you;

Do you like this look?

Do you have your hair like this and love it?

Is this a growing trend where you live?

Fill me in!
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