Thursday, July 22, 2010

My First Wedding Post

Yay! So after debating with myself, then posting about it, and seeing your opinions, I've decided to do a wedding post. Thank you to everyone who commented and shared your thoughts, I really appreciate each and every one.

These posts will just be sprinkled in with my regular posts, Personal Mondays, Tuesday Reviews, Celeb Inspirations, Hot Man Parades, etc. they WILL NOT take center of attention. They may happen every other week or once a month. We'll see as my wedding day approaches.

Back to my post, I wanted to first start off with an overview of my wedding vision so you will have a reference for all the future posts.

-We'll be married next spring, May 7, 2011.
With this date, both of our birthdays and the wedding will all be in a two week period. Oh ya, and it's Mother's Day weekend. We would have liked an earlier date or later one in May, but none of the weekends worked out. The best part of this is that when we're older and have all kinds of vacation time, we can just take a two week vacation and celebrate the whole time

-We want our wedding to be a simple, relaxed affair for our guests with a picnic vibe to it.
We want a fun, casual, and intimate setting for everyone to enjoy. I'd love for every attendee to have a superb time and really enjoy themselves, the food, and the music. Nothing over the top, too formal, but still classy and elegant.

-Our colors are soft yellow and pink

-We will be having the ceremony and reception in my Aunt and Uncle's backyard.
I've always wanted to get married there and I'm so excited! They have a beautiful yard with a gorgeous pool with a waterfall, a poolhouse which will be used as the guest restrooms and gift table area, a U-shaped BBQ that will be used as the bar, and a basketball court that will be turned into a dance floor.

-Our bridal party is pretty large....8 on each side!
What can I say, we roll deep. Just kidding, we're blessed with amazing people in our lives and want to include as many of them as we can. I wish we could have more, but people keep telling me eight is out of control. LOL.

-The Fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and our budget is $10K!!
So crazy for a wedding, but I know we'll be able to do it with the help of our family, creativity, and a glue gun. A lot of our friends and family have already offered to pitch in, so I know I'll be hosting plenty of craft days.

So that's my basics, I'll be sure to do future posts about dresses, centerpieces, decor, etc. as the planning continues. I pretty much know everything that I want, have gone over it with the Fiance to get his opinions, it's just getting it all coordinated and finding vendors.

Feel free to ask me anything, give me ANY advice for anything whatsoever, or any thoughts/comment/questions/or concerns you may have.
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