Monday, July 5, 2010

David's 2nd Birthday Party

My favorite baby boy's birthday was a few weeks ago at the Irvine Park (one of the BEST parks ever, if you live near the area, you should definitely check it out!)

Here's Mommy and I setting up for the party. We have wicked balloon skills, who says being in a sorority doesn't teach you anything? Psssh.

We had some time to kill so we took a walk down lover's lane

My cousin's (Mommy and Daddy to the Birthday Boy) freaking made this cake! So...are you guys in the wedding cake business? I'm looking for one... JK!

The birthday boy in his new wagon and hat

A funny face montage with some of my favorite ladies. We had almost 30 pictures, so I tried to pick the best ones for show

Some of the family

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS" This picture freaking cracks me up!

The Birthday Boy and me at the zoo inside the park
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