Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is the epitomy of Hollywood glamour. With her milky skin, doe eyes, full lips, and curvalicious body, she's got the makings of a pin-up. She is one of my favorite Red Carpet ladies always looking fresh, young, and insanely gorgeous. I love that she's so feminine and just screams sex kitten all the while looking elegant. Another reason I adore her is, without the glitz and glam she looks like the girl next door. She's also really grown with her style and look as well, experimenting with different colors and cuts, make-up, etc. Take a look of her style transformation here.

Nudes- When in doubt, wear nude! It looks great on everyone and is appropriate year-round. I would say this is Scarlett's go-to for fashion. She's never boring with it though, choosing several different shades of nude, spicing it up with stand out shoes or accessories, and playing with varying hemlines.

Brights- Although nude is a no fail option, I love a great bold color and apparently so does ScarJo. With her pale skin and light locks, she chooses bright colors that warm her complexion. These are my favorite looks of hers, such a wow factor. The green, purple and yellow are my favorite.

Casual- Scarlett's street style is so laid back, nothing like her red carpet glamour. Jeans, light weight sweater or jacket make her the girl next door. So much so, you almost don't recognize her. With the pictures below, you can guess when she chose her outfits herself and when she probably used a stylist.

She's come a long way since this, huh? Doesn't this remind you of Paris Hilton??

What do youthink of Scarlett? What's your favorite look?
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