Monday, July 26, 2010

I Don't Want To Work, I Just Want To Bang On The Drums All Day

A week or two ago I skipped work and heading to the beach with my Fiance, two of my cousins and my cousin's child (not a child from them together, she's married to this cousin's brother...does that make sense?) You may remember cousin M from this post and my cousin M and her son D from this post or this one.  

My little buddy all ready to go! I even got him saying and doing the signs for "Peace out" as we left the driveway.
The Fiance and my cousin
My Cousin and I

I told the boys I would only share my frozen banana if they let me take of picture of them eating it. They kindly obliged.

It was such a perfect day for the beach, the water was warm and the weather was hot, but not too hot that you couldn't just lay out the entire time in fear of frying or heat stroke. I should definitely skip work more often for the beach! LOL
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