Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Cousin's Graduation

Last week, my dear cousin M graduated with his Master's Degree in Communicative Disorders (yep, he works with children and people with disabilities- a truly amazing guy). I'm so proud of him, he's worked so hard at work and in school and it's finally paid off!

Here are a few things I love most about him:
  • He has great style
  • He's very witty and hilarious
  • He does the BEST impression of the old guy in Family Guy and it gets me everytime
  • We're only a month apart so we've always been pretty close
  • He has great advice and even when I don't listen to him, he's usually always right
  • I can always count on him to watch fights with me
  • He has an outstanding movie collection
  • His heart and intellect
Wow, that was kind of cheesy, but what can I say? I love the guy!

Here he is with his family

With my Mom and I


Just the two of us
Oh and if any of you ladies live in the southern CA area, he's also single and ready to mingle!
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