Friday, June 4, 2010

Guess What Just Got in at Sephora...


OPI's Chic Prints for Nails Design Appliques! AKA Minx nails for at-home use! TONS of celebrities have been rocking these for a while now, Beyonce I believe was one the first. At a salon the process is about $40, but you can buy these babies for $15 from Sephora. They're a pre-cut nail design that you can apply yourself and then trim the edge to match your own fingers or toes. There's 8 different designs now available and I'm hoping they add more in the future.

Here's the directions from the site:
-Start with bare nails.
-Clean with rubbing alcohol to remove oils.
-Choose the best size for each nail.
-If strip is too wide, trim with small scissors.
-Rub the strip for a few seconds to warm.
-Peel off strip and apply to nail, with rounded end close to the cuticle.
-Rub strip over entire nail starting from the center working out toward the sides.
-Smooth down completely.
-Press material over edge of nail and use an ultra fine crystal file to file off excess.
-File in a vertical motion.
-Rub strip again to ensure adhesion and to remove any bubbles.

The process should be easy, key words being "should be". The process seems very similar to those book covers that were the rage in middle school where you inevitably had an air bubble that you played with all day long and annoyed the crap out of you. I definitely want to give these babies a whirl, see how long they last and if it's worth the trouble. I'll be sure to report back! Have any of you tried Minx before? If so, what was your experience?

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