Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Product Review: Essie & Old Navy Polish

Photobucket Essie Pink Parka
I've declared this color my Summer 2010 Pink for the year! I love it, it's so fun, bright, and perfect for open-toed shoes. The only flaw is that it's matte so you have to you a shiny top coat. This is two coats + a top coat.

Old Navy Pretty In Pink- Easy to apply, but matte as well. .The color is a bit streaky, but not very noticeable by anyone other than the person wearing it.  This is two coats polish, no top coat.

Old Navy Hot Sizzle- I love this color and it wasn't matte so that's a plus. However, it wasn't easy to apply because it was streaky.  IDK if this is because of the color or the brand because I've had this problem with other light pink colors as well. This is two coats, no top coat.

I love the Essie colors and even though it's pricey for a nail polish, $7.99 I do think I'll be buying more colors in the future. As for the Old Navy colors I don't think I'll be buying anymore in the future, I'm sure I can find similar colors in other better quality brands. I didn't like that the colors were matte either for both brands, I know that's hip now, but I prefer my nails shiny.

Have you tried Essie? I know it's a popular brand and have seen it around on other blogs. Do you wear matte colors? Do you prefer matte or shiny?
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