Friday, June 11, 2010

Jessica Biel is on a Hot Streak!

Wow. Jessica Biel is on fire! Her latest red carpet looks and appearances she has looked smoking! I'm not usually a fan of Miss Biel because I think she's boring and her usual picks for clothes are ho-hum, but she's got my attention with her ultimately gorgeous gorgeous locks (have you ever seen them look better? I'm jealous!), beauty choices, and I'm in love with her recent outfits.
See for yourself:

She looks so chic! I'm loving her hair, so voluminous and bouncy and the color pallette of her clothes.

Hot mama! These dresses belong in my closet! The DVF dress is making me swoon

Her makeup/hair are gorgeous here!

Jessica, whatever style and makeup team you're working with KEEP THEM!!
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