Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eye Looks

Jessica, one of my fave bloggers (and now Facebook friends!) from A Few of My Favorite Things asked that I show some eye looks that are good for daytime, but before going out at night. What a great idea, thanks again love!

Since I have giganto eyes, I put the most of my make up efforts into them. So here are a few easy daytime looks:

Look 1: All Over
This has to be the easiest look to do, anyone can master it! Use one color on your entire lid going up into your crease, but not onto your browbone. I would suggest using a natural color such as tan, gold, bronze (depending on your skin tone) with a hint of shimmer. The shimmer adds just an extra touch of fancy and shows that you're actually wearing something on your lids and catches the light. Here I'm wearing MAC Retro Speck.

Look 2: 3 Shadows
This is another great look that's easy for day use. The technique is pretty basic and you can usually find the directions for this on the back of eyeshadow pallettes from Covergirl or Maybelline. Use a light/medium color on your lid from your lashline to the crease, a highlighter color on your inner eye corners and browbone, then a medium/dark color in your crease. You can use this technique for any color and for a quick day to night look, smudge a darker color (even black) on the far outer corner. Even just a smudge with your finger in your car works! Here I'm wearing MAC Honesty on my lid, Phloof as my highlighter, and Woodwinked in the crease.

Look 3: Smoky Day
For a darker eye look during the day I love the look of one medium/dark color on the entire lid with a heavier eyeliner. It looks good with a highlighter as well, or an even darker color blended into the lash line. You can also use a highlighter on the browbone and inner eye corner.
Here I am wearing MAC Romp over my entire lid with black liner on top and bottom lids as well as my waterline.

What do you think of these looks? Did you think they're appropriate for daytime? How do you wear eyeshadow during the day? Do you wear it in daytime or save it for after hours only?


Amanda said...

You can usually find me wearing Look #2 (it's true, I did learn it that way from the back of my Maybelline eyeshadow!!) I think all 3 look just great though!

Anonymous said...

I think my eyes are my best feature too, so I focus mainly on them. I reccently got the covergirl shadow blast things with the eyeliner and shadow in one. I use it all the time. It makes shadowy eyes a lot easier and it actually looks really good.

Miss K said...

Ace- Thanks for commenting! I'll have to try out theCG stuff!

Amanda- So glad you knew what I was referencing too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i do one of the 3 looks depending on these 3 criteria:
1) how much time i have
2) who i am going to see
3) what i am wearing

you have such lovely eyebrows!

Miss K said...

Reed- Ya I hear ya! Sometimes I'll sleep in an extra bit and just wear mascara and skip eyeshadow altogether. Thanks for the compliment on my eyebrows! I usually take pics of my right eye for LLP bc my left eyebrow has a scar where there's very little hair you can't tell in person, but can definitely tell in a close up picture. Luckily in the first pic you can't see it due to some well place brow hair. LOL!

Wise Take said...

Very pretty! I like the shimmers.

Jessica said...

Thank you so much! You are the best :) I love all the looks. I can definitely see myself using #2 alot. You have the most gorgeous eyes. Thanks again!!!

Veronika said...

I own retrospec and i never thought to use it on its own for the daytime. Great idea! thanks :)

Jessica said...

I do #1 or #2 during the day all the time, or none. But I usually do at least #1. The colors I have are very similar to yours. Do you recommend trying something other than earth tones? I only own 2 colors of eye shadow, brown and tan/neutral... any advice on adding a different color? Or should I just stick to neutrals?

Miss K said...

Wise Take- Thanks!

Jessica- You're so welcome! Thanks for requesting it!

Veronika- Ya, I just recently started using it and love how it catches the light.

Jessica- Earth tones are my go-to colors, but I also use a lot of gold, gray, and black. I also do the look #2 and 3 with Navy and Purple. If I'm going out-out (like Vegas) I'll do crazy colors like green/blue/gold.

Heather said...

Hey Miss K,
Please come link up these fabulous tips to Fabulous Friday today! I think our readers would love it as much as I did! I LOVE Mac eyeshadow I usually do the 3 shades or 1 all over. I adore playing w colors and eye makeup affects.
Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com