Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Ladies Rock their Cropped Locks

I LOVE short hair, I had it all through high school then on and off throughout college. Everytime I see a new short look my insides urge me to chop mine off- I mean that's what extensions are for right? I have since made my hairdresser Nicole swear on her soul not to let me chop my hair until after I get married because there's no way I could grow my tresses out fast enough.

With the new pixie cut trend coming on full force I wanted to show some pictures of how these lovely ladies have been wearing it out:

All gussied up:


Although there's not much room for play, I think the girls are doing a great job of the versatility this cut offers. Playing with how it's parted and the hair's texture the girls have been able to distinguish a difference between their everyday style and a dressed up one. I can't wait to see one of them rock it spiked, kind of mohawked like Rihanna, curled, and styled with accessories.

Michelle's cut is my favorite, it's such a soft look and a little bit longer than Hayden's or Jessica's, giving her more options to style. Hayden's looks best brushed back wtih no part accentuating her beautiful face. I like Jessica's best when she has it parted and soft like the picture in the white top.

With the previous posts about the ladies new cuts (here, here, and here), everyone seemed about 50/50 or liked it on the celebs, but not for themselves.How do you guys feel about the styles? Do you prefer long or short hair? Have you ever had short hair?
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