Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celebrity Inspiration: Jessica Szohr

One of my favorite celeb styles is Jessica Szohr's, I believe she is far underrated. I would die to have her closet, I love that her style is so casual, easy and well put together. Although a lot of her clothes look like items I would wear myself, I love how she pairs everything together, creating a fun, sexy, and feminine look. I especially love her more edgy outfits. Jessica has said she draws a lot of inspiration from her character Vanessa on Gossip Girl, boho with some glam.

Street Casual- I want to wear everything in this section. The first two dresses should belong to me! Her style would be really easy to re-create and most of you probably have a lot of similar items already; some skinny jeans, cut-off shorts, long loose waves, a fab fedora, and some cute flat sandals. I'm going to literally paste these pictures up for my summer inspiration board.
Sexy- She has a killer body and her choice of wardrobe reflects that. All of her hemlines hit her just right showcasing her amazing legs. She's very body conscious, but never shows too much skin, always looking sizzling.

Red Carpet- Even all fancied up Jessica keeps her look young and fresh with bright colors, sexy cuts, or short hems.

Just for fun because this picture makes me laugh, it's so stereotypical of girls.

So I know a lot of you are Gossip Girl fans, but are you fans of Jessica? Do you like her style? What's your favorite looks? My favorite looks are just about the entire Casual section, in the Sexy section I love the gray top/black bottoms and long sleeve black dress looks, for Red Carpet I love the yellow, silver, gold, and last black dress best.

Any suggestions for future Celeb Inspirations?
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